Biz Contact Number

Finding a phone number for the UK’s biggest businesses and services can be time consuming and difficult. Many of the UK’s most in demand company phone numbers are hidden away deep within the business contact pages behind user account areas and address and finding them can be difficult.

The reality is most businesses are desperate to avoid phone calls to their customer services contact numbers because it drives up costs and high call volumes – unless they are sales lines, cost these businesses money. This is why they try to automate away as much of the intercommunication process as possible to FAQs and robots voice calls.

Yes social media and email support is useful from time to time, if you aren’t in a rush and can wait on the convenience of the business – but when you want to resolve a problem or get a clear explanation on a product or service you really need to contact a business directly and speak to a human on the other side of the phone line. Phone support in fact can be essential and so will never truly go away. This is why there are always business contact numbers hidden away that you can use to get in touch.

We take the hard work out of this long and involved process of digging around for key businesses contact numbers for you. Want to get through to a customer service or sales line? Come through us and we’ll connect you using our fantastic call routing service. Our numbers are easy to find, accurate, and our contact information is top notch. We also have email addresses and contact addresses wherever possible, including business opening times. All of this information scattered across the internet is put in one place in an easy to search fashion for you to locate with easy. So if you’re looking for a business phone number then consider using our fantastic site. The list of phone numbers if forever growing as we locate the most problematic companies to get hold of and add them to our ever expanding database of phone numbers and grow our helpful user friendly telephone directory.

Of course you may be wondering why you would want to get in touch with a customer service representative on the fly instead of emailing. Irrespective of the business you are interested in contacting, there will always be outstanding questions that humans can answer and it is easier to ask follow up questions and get clarification.

Reasons to call directly

But here are some of the other reasons you might consider ringing a company listed on our page:

• Reports of a service outage
• Feedback for a service rendered, sale or a complaint to lodge
• Errors or problems with billing
• Desire to subscribe to new services, or change services
• Service cancellation, a lot of businesses make it really difficult to cancel, requiring a call
• General comments or questions
• Any shipping questions
• Bill payments or account queries
• Help with an account or set up of new accounts
• Updating existing account information, or informing of a new address

The point is there are a host of reasons why phone contact is preferred by most people. It is a more personal experience than email, and the audio trail is important.
Biz Contact Number is here to help you find all of those UK based numbers that you are in search of. We do our best to find all the possible information you might want, and get it listed in one easy place for you – including email and opening times as well as a host of other useful information. This service is simple, we work tirelessly to ensure that the information is up to date and accurate and connects you with the people you need to get in touch with when you contact businesses by phone. Please bookmark our site if you like us and find our service helpful.

Have no doubt that if you need somewhere to turn to in order to find a phone number to contact a company, where the official website have let you down or made it impossible to easily find this information, be assured that we’ve been working behind the scenes to do all the leg work and research so that we can bring those numbers to you. Ready for you to phone for efficient communication with the customer service that you need, when you need it.

Our service can hook you into a customer service agent with any company active in the UK and listed on this site. Our directory is constantly growing too so check back often just in case the company contact number you are after is listed and available. If we’re unable to find a customer service number directly, we’ll list their head office of switchboard. Be aware of course that some companies try to conceal their phone numbers, they can be difficult over the phone if they don’t want to be contacted!

Our Mission

We have constantly had the problem where we haven’t been able to get hold of a website, major retail outlet or high street business and we’ve spent hours searching for contact numbers to get through to a human. The contact page is littered with FAQ material and no direct route to their contact number. Maybe you’ve also found that the number you’ve tried to use has either ended up with an answering machine or no sign of a human on the other side. Perhaps the line is even disconnected!

Some brands try to make a major profit too! They use 09 telephone numbers, which cost £1 per minute to call, even by landline – a service number type infamously used for adult services, scammers and psychic hotlines.
You’re not alone if you have experienced these issues that is what has driven us to set up this site! Millions of people across the UK are keen to get good quality customer service from a human, not an email box or a from a machine – instead of letting companies go cold and avoid conversation, we take you right to the people you need to get in touch with without the hassle of these automated services.

Accountability across all businesses in the UK for good quality service is the ethos to which we subscribe. hosted numbers

Our service is in providing 0870 numbers which route directly to these hidden business contact numbers. The call rate costs 13p/min + your network standard access charge. We often use these numbers to get through directly to the helpline numbers that you actually want and where we can’t find them we list switch board numbers. Our 0870 service numbers are updated when the company’s own numbers change, so you can rest assured that you’ll always get through to whatever business customer service number you want.
Using our service you never again have to spend a long time finding company contact numbers that elude you for the businesses you want to contact. Relax, grab a number and go!