123 reg contact number 0870 280 6364

123 Reg 0870 280 6364

Call 123 Reg the domain naming and hosting service that is very popular in the UK in order to speak to a 123 Reg customer service representative for enquiries including 123 Domain name services, web hosting, SEO, SSL and security services or simply account management. The 123 Reg contact number is open 9:00 am to 7:00 pm Monday to Friday for all enquiries.

123 Reg
0870 280 6364
for Customer Services

123 Reg Contact Number 0870 280 6364

Contact MethodContact Numbers
123 Reg Phone Number0870 280 6364
123 Reg Domain Help0870 280 6364
123 Reg Complaints0870 280 6364
123 Reg Premium Hosting0870 280 6364
Address to Contact123-reg 5th Floor, The Shipping Building, Old Vinyl Factory, 252 – 254 Blyth Road, Hayes, Middlesex, England, UB3 1HA

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123 Reg Support 0870 280 6364

Lines are open 9:00 am to 7:00 pm Monday to Friday.
Your domain name is the name and address by which you’re known online, and it’s the basis of your online identity, it’s important for you to create the right domain name for your business. 123-reg offers the best range of domain registration services including web hosting and features that will enable you quickly setup your website.
With full control over your domain name, the 123 Reg web hosting company can help you hide your information like your telephone numbers, address and email addresses if you can reach 123 Reg Contact to find out how they can help you make the best of their domain registration services.

You can contact 123 Reg customer service regarding their range of services using the 123 Reg number above. The guys at 123 Reg can provide you with domain and hosting registration, including privacy services to make sure you enjoy all the benefits that comes with having a website for personal or business purposes but without exposing your private information and address to people on the web who might access it via a whois search. This also protects against spam and hackers, you can find out more via the 123 Reg telephone number.

If you are getting a new domain of course then in order to choose the best domain name for your business or brand, you must make sure your domain name is unique, but other than that you have a lot of leeway in your choice of domain name. Of course you could also call the 123 Reg support number if you need help with setting up and choosing your domain name or managing and modifying any account details or in getting any further domain help.
Using 123 Reg’s domain registration website and the domain you want is unavailable you’ll be prompted with a choice of similar possible web domain registration options. You can start by typing your choice of domain which can be anything between 2 and 67 characters long in the domain registration search bar to check if it is available for you to buy. Only alphanumeric characters and hyphens are allowed, though hyphens are not allowed at the beginning or end of the domain. You can use upper and lowercase characters but it is best to stick to lower case. If you need help to complete this stage, the 123 Reg contact number is always available and active 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help and provide you with assistance to get it right.

123 Reg support also offers an easy website builder tool that when coupled with their hosting options will allow you to get a website built and up and running in just a few minutes of setting up your domain and hosting account. A business website without search engine optimization (SEO) features will be deprived the opportunity to rank up in the search engines. If you need the best SEO services that will place your website right in front of your prospective user base in search rankings, then you will probably need to contact the SEO experts available through the 123 Reg phone number to learn more about how they can help you optimise your site. SEO is a very important aspect of domain ranking that is often neglected or not done correctly.

To get the best out of your domain, hosting and SEO services when you subscribe with 123 Reg and their efficient and reliable range of services, you need to speak with SEO professionals in order to find out how their services can be of benefit to you and your business. Feel free to contact the friendly 123 Reg customer service using the number above who should be happy to help. It is harder to do so through their site as there are a lot of click through sections and sign ups required to find this number. So we make finding it incredibly easy for you!

123 reg customer service also seem to be offering a sitebuilding service for you too now, where you ring them up, go over what you want and pay them to build it.

123 Reg Contact 0870 280 6364 Phone Menu Options

Dept. Menu OptionsWhat will this department help me with?
Product Information
Product Information1Our Product Information team will advise you on the best products you will need to help create the online presence you want.
Invoice and Account Queries
Invoice and Account Queries2If you have any invoice or account queries, our team will answer any questions you have.
Technical Support3Below is the various technical support teams who will answer any queries you have about any of our products.
Domain names and email3 > 1This is the technical support team for domain names and email packages. If you have any domain name or email based issues, this team will give you the help and advice you need.
Website Creator based support, such as eCommerce, InstantSite and Website Builder.3 > 2This is the technical support team will help you out with any queries you have with Website Builder, InstantSite, and eCommerce.
Web Hosting3 > 3This is the technical support team for our Web Hosting packages.
VPS Support3 > 4This is the support team for our Virtual Private Servers.
Cloud Server and Dedicated Cloud3 > 5This is the support team for our Cloud and Dedicated Cloud servers.
Dedicated Server3 > 6This is the technical support team for our Dedicated servers.
All other queries3 > 7For queries regarding any of our other packages, such as Site Scanner or Website Passport.
Repeat options3 > 8To repeat the technical support options
Package Queries4This section deals with package queries and changes.
Domain Names and email addresses4 > 1This team will help you with the management of your domain name and email packages.
Website Creator based support, such as eCommerce, InstantSite and Website Builder.4 > 2This team will help you with the management of your Website Creator packages; such as eCommerce, Website Builder and InstantSite.
Web Hosting4 > 3This team will help you manage your Web Hosting packages.
SiteScanner and InstantTraffic4 > 4This team will help you manage your SiteScanner and InstantTraffic packages.
VPS and Cloud4 > 5This team will help you with the management of your VPS and Cloud server packages.
Dedicated Server and Dedicated Cloud4 > 6This team will help you with the management of your Dedicated and Dedicated Cloud packages.
All Other Queries4 > 7For and other queries and requests
Repeat Options4 > 6To Repeat the Package Queries options
Product Information
Google Adwords5To speak to the Google Adwords team, to market your website and increase targeted traffic.

123 Reg Customer Service 0870 280 6364

123-reg has had mixed reviews for customer service. Some people have experienced issues that went open for extended intervals, while others have found a fast call to their customer service helpline has solved the problem immediately.Fantastic value for money is the backbone of 123-reg.co.uk’s success – they’ve constantly offered fair costs for .com domain names and market-leading prices on co.uk domain names.123 Reg Customer Service

The 123-reg website’s darker corners have consistently had bits that don’t function properly and their automated customer service processes can make issues seem unresolvable, but telephoning the customer service team on their UK contact number typically brings about an instant solution that is satisfactory.

123 Reg Phone Number 0870 280 6364

123 reg don’t merely offer domain names – they also offer various related services and web hosting. They would be silly not to, considering the simple up-sell to masses of domain name customers that are impressed by the ease-of-use of 123-reg. But 123-reg established its standing solely on the basis of selling domain names – anyone who asked their friend or business partner where they got their domain name from will always recall hearing an avid answer with the catchy name “123-documented” as if that’s the normal place to get all domains from nowadays. And so their standing went from conventional for some people to normal for everyone, especially when the cost of UK domains is not more expensive at 123-documented than elsewhere!

Why Do People Ring 123 Reg Support on 0870 280 6364?

The main reason that most folks phone the 123 Reg customer service number is believed to be due to problems and technical faults with the products the firm supply. The technical nature of the internet means that some folks are always going to come across some issues, while the firm have offered a portal for the general public to possess and keep their own sites. While they are also on social media, these are used by the business – with them preferring to speak to customers directly, rather than through Facebook, Twitter or any other social network.

As a web based company, 123 Reg customer support has been largely based on online support portals since its origin. Increasingly, people are weary of e-mailing companies or submitting their details through contact forms because matters can become lost or forgotten using these systems. Which is why they have a dedicated support phone number, which we recommend you use to contact them now with any issues.

How To Cancel a Service With 123 Reg?

You can cancel most services with 123 Documented through the business’s site. Provided that you’re logged in to the account that is related, you should have the ability to choose whichever service you’d like to close and follow the procedure. You may get requested reasons for the cancellation, and you should be given a verification email once your have completed the procedure.

Many consider they can be authorised to offer rates that are discounted in order in addition to providing guidance on how your products can transform to satisfy your needs. They’re also capable to close individual services and accounts.

123 Reg Registered Office Address Location Details

5th Floor, The Shipping Building
Old Vinyl Factory
252 – 254 Blyth Road

The 123-Reg Philosophy

The 123 Reg philosophy is straightforward; the internet should be for the many not the few, which can be why every single 123 Reg merchandise is designed for the small business owner seeking an easy and hassle free way to begin their on-line journey.
We believe succeeding online should be achievable for all. That’s whatever ability level, to unlock the full power of the web why we’re dedicated to enabling everyone. It doesn’t matter whether you’re web savvy or a whole beginner, we’ve got you the alternative that is perfect.
We make the net a location where you’re in control with reputable, trusted services which are effortless at their heart. Jargon-free, simple-to-understand, undoubtedly priced products supported with a friendly, local and educated team showing you what you are able to do with your on-line world. Whether it’s your company or just your thought, we can help you maximise your potential and make every step in your on-line journey as simple as 1, 2, 3.

123 Reg Complaints

123 Reg can manage grievances using their online portals, and the firm do encourage individuals to use this method. Yet, many consumers have noted that their problems haven’t been dealt with when they’ve tried to touch base with the business using the contact us forms on their website. This issue is not exclusive to 123 Reg consumer support.

The only way to guarantee that the issue gets addressed straightaway is to call the 123 reg phone line if you have a criticism that needs to be dealt with immediately. By doing this you can have a member of their contact staff deal quickly.

123 Reg Technical Support

Although the 123 Reg live chat can offer technical support for domain and web site hosting, the degree of customer service using this approach is frequently extremely inconsistent. The variation in customer responses on independent reviews sites illustrates these inconsistencies from people who have tried to have a question solved using live chat.

The 123 reg contact number has a dedicated section of the call centre which is specifically for technical support. Nevertheless, it truly is proposed that during peak times there may be a delay to get connected through into a contact agent.