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Xbox Project Scorpio offers been designed from the bottom up to be another big step in Microsoft’s gaming hardware, even if the company states that it’s likely to sit together with the Xbox One and Xbox 1 S.

Intended as a way to provide VR and 4K HDR gambling to the livingroom, Xbox Scorpio isn’t precisely what you’d expect. Despite an astronomical jump when it comes to power, this is not the “Xbox Two” or whatever stupid name you would like to supply the Xbox One successor, that is an evolution of the existing machine simply. This is Microsoft’s take on the PlayStation 4 Pro – albeit with the subtlety a heavy-handed American company can muster.

Unveiled during Microsoft’s Electronic3 2016 keynote session, the united states tech company gave hardly any away about its secret project actually. We saw encouraging programmer testamonials, tantalising facts about 6TFLOPs of graphical processing functionality and the deliciousness of 4K HDR gameplay.

But, from these nice boxworthy strapline facts mentioned above aside, nobody actually knows what Microsoft’s upcoming box will contain. Thankfully, we are able to put our professional knowlege to make use of and assist you to untangle the net of rumours going swimming on the internet.

11 factual statements about Microsoft’s Xbox Two

1. That is, and isn’t, the Xbox Two

Confusing, I know, but from the real way Microsoft is discussing Project Scorpio and its mid-generation refresh, Xbox Scorpio can be an Xbox One in its heart still. Given that Microsoft is getting the Xbox One Slim to market also, from Xbox One, Xbox A single Slim and Xbox Scorpio can be intercompatible completely. This means it’s not just a fully fledged fresh console launch, but even more of a high-end choice for those wanting the very best Xbox One encounters. With the Xbox Scorpio, the Xbox Two and the Xbox One Slim coexisting probably, the original console cycle and launch of releases could be gone forever.

2. Project Scorpio shall launch in 2017

Not desperate to overshadow the discharge of its smaller sized and lighter Xbox One Thin (though it definitely did that anyhow), Microsoft is bringing Xbox Scorpio to advertise in 2017. That could make it four years because the release of the Xbox One, and for that reason among the shortest generations we’ve acquired in games for a long time. Obviously, no price has been announced, but don’t anticipate it to end up being cheap.

3. This may be the last gaming console Microsoft ever release

We know that already, with the Xbox Task Scorpio, Microsoft really wants to try a different approach to console gaming. Exactly like Sony’s PS4 Pro, Scorpio is a mid-generation launch that’s poised to become a huge leap in power and potential, despite still being compatible with old Xbox One video games and hardware completely. But Microsoft views Scorpio as different things.

“For us, the near future is believed by us is without console generations,” said Greenberg in an interview with Engadget. “We believe that the capability to create a library, a community, in order to iterate with the equipment – we’re making a fairly big wager on that with Project Scorpio.”

“We’re basically saying, ‘this isn’t a new generation; all you have continues ahead and it works.’ We consider this as a grouped category of devices.”

Thankfully, Microsoft offers learnt from its lessons around doing an excessive amount of, too early with the Xbox One and has been reserved about its method of the continuing future of consoles somewhat, with Greenberg adding “But we’ll see. We will learn from this, we will observe how [it] goes.”

“If the games and this content deliver, that i think they shall carry out, I think it’ll change the true way we take into account the future of console video gaming.”

4. Xbox Project Scorpio will be powerful

Microsoft said it wished to help to make the Xbox Scorpio powerful, and from the noises of issues it has really. Details are thin on the floor understandably, april earnings call we realize it’ll be driven by an AMD CPU but from AMD’s. Digital Foundry has investigated what this may mean, and it appears it could be run by AMD’s Vega chip, something yet to be observed in the PC industry.

Also, thanks to Microsoft’s lovely Project Scorpio announcement video from various programmers, that Scorpio is well known by us is with the capacity of transferring 320GB/sec. This implies it’s likely built with 12GB of GDDR5 RAM. For assessment, the PS4 can hit speeds of 176GB/sec and the Xbox You can hit just 68GB/sec.

5. Scorpio can work Xbox One peripherals and titles, but don’t expect Scorpio games to perform on Xbox One

While Xbox Scorpio will be appropriate for Xbox One controllers fully, Kinect and all video games and digital Xbox One content material, Microsoft is calling it a system evolution essentially. Think about it as something comparable to a new iPhone arriving.

However, as Task Scorpio is definitely both VR- and 4K-ready, there will be games being made for Scorpio specifically. Microsoft expectations that, with full Home windows 10 integration, those VR games will be Personal computer titles just, and 4K games will be souped-up “regular” Xbox One releases. But it’d be difficult to think that some developers aren’t jumping aboard merely to develop an Xbox Scorpio VR name. Perhaps Microsoft will part of and enforce development guidelines for what can and can’t become released on Scorpio. I’m betting it won’t.

Expect Forza Motorsport 6 and its own inevitable sequel to focus on all Xbox One consoles

6. Microsoft can be planning a “trade-in/trade-up” program for Project Scorpio

While it’s unclear just how much Scorpio will definitely cost, it’s nice to know Microsoft is looking at methods to soften the blow for individuals who want to help make the jump up to bigger and better hardware.

Talking with The Daily Star, Xbox Companies general supervisor Dave McCarthy described that Microsoft would be looking to use retailers upon trade-in programmes. “A few of our retail companions today perform trade-in programmes and that is definitely going to end up being partnerships we continue.

“We wish to create [upgrading to Xbox Scorpio] as smooth as feasible. The compatibility factor is a big offer, because [the] sense you have to quit your games is not a good feeling, in order that angst is taken by us out from the equation.

“We’ll try partnerships with this retail partners to easy it a lot more with trade-in programmes and things such as that.”

If Microsoft lives up to its term, Project Scorpio might not deliver quite as big a sting to your wallet when it arrives following year.

7. Project Scorpio shall operate Xbox One games better

During an interview with Eurogamer, Spencer claimed that if a Hi-def was had simply by you TV, Project Scorpio “won’t do anything at all for you personally”. However, within an interview with GiantBomb, Spencer relented and explained an Xbox One video game operating on Scorpio “will look different” and could “run just a little better”. Certainly, he caveated that state by saying don’t assume all game makes utilization of scalable systems, but the ones that do will dsicover some benefit.

8. Scorpio is made for Oculus and VR helped

When you’re integrating VR right into a console, who easier to speak to than Oculus? In the end, Palmer Luckey’s firm helped make virtual actuality a… erm… reality.

It will also come while no surprise that Microsoft is working with Oculus on Scorpio, because of the partnership set up with the Rift headset already. Not merely does every Rift include an Xbox One controller, but Rift works with Xbox One as a content viewer presently, when compared to a VR headset rather.

For Microsoft to be dealing with Oculus from the first times of Scorpio, it’s apparent that it’s really taking VR integration very seriously. This won’t be considered a machine capable of doing offers in VR just, be built for VR it’ll.

9. Project Scorpio ought to be faster and stronger than the PS4 Pro

Sony fans won’t end up being pleased to hear it, but Microsoft’s machine will keep the PS4 Pro in the dirt.

Not merely is Microsoft essentially leapfrogging Sony’s newer VR-ready gadget, it’s thinking about being up to now ahead that nothing may catch it. Granted, the difference will all boil right down to price really. After Sony’s foible with the Ps3 3 launch, it’s extremely alert to how price-conscious individuals are. Microsoft, nevertheless, isn’t. We could finish up viewing the Xbox Scorpio costing a lot more than most are prepared to pay out, with Sony’s PS4 Pro mopping up the others using its acceptable new-console price.

10. Xbox Task Xbox and Scorpio One S represent a fresh hardware arrange for Microsoft

If you believe Project Scorpio shall be the last box Microsoft puts out, you’d be wrong. While nobody is merely how frequently Microsoft is ready to iterate sure, it’s clear improvements are going to turn into an even more regular occurrence. Xbox boss Phil Spencer has stated he’d prefer to see consoles undertake a PC-like evolution, and he reiterated that through the end of Microsoft’s E3 meeting continually.

It’s no real surprise either, with Microsoft bringing Xbox One and Windows 10 closer with each software update together. You can now obtain Cortana on your own Xbox Everyone forthcoming Xbox One video games may also work on Computer, cost-free. Assimilation is happening.

11. We have no idea what the Scorpio can look like absolutely

So far as Task Scorpio will go, it’s a package with a motherboard in and a couple of wires that just developers have already been privy to. As a finished product, Microsoft’s machine is relatively intangible. Nobody, not Microsoft even, knows what the ultimate hardware spec will be, nor what its outside design is. Since it’s releasing in 2017, we won’t know any thing more for at least another full year.

12. Microsoft drops big hint at Xbox Scorpio price

Despite Microsoft previously saying its forthcoming Xbox Scorpio console will be just like a high-end PC worth thousands, the strong has dropped a large hint about the console’s price, and it’s really very good news for fans. Within an interview with AusGamers, Microsoft’s Phil Spencer said that the business will compete with consoles, not PCs. “I want Scorpio to be at a system price-point. I’m not really trying to proceed and contend with a high-end rig,” he said. “And because we’re building one spec, we’re in a position to consider the balance between all of the components and ensure that it’s something we really strike that matters to customers and gamers.” Spencer previously said it will cost more than the Xbox One S definitely, which is priced at £250 currently.

“It will cost a lot more than S, obviously, that’s how exactly we are building it,” he added. “We’ve not announced the prices yet, but I’d like to ensure that the expenditure we are putting in to the item of Scorpio fulfills the needs of the higher-end customer and that’ll be an increased price.” It’s likely the Xbox One particular Scorpio will cost much like the PS4 Pro, which will set you back £349 currently.

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