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Aviva (previously called Norwich Union) is one of Britain’s biggest and most successful insurance companies, which has long since expanded to become an insurance company of global significance. With a clientèle of over 30 million individuals, Aviva’s company ranges across auto, house and life insurance to name but a few. It trades firmly with both company and private customers, handling a gargantuan £240 billion in total assets worldwide. Since its high profile name change, the firm is now appealing to investors on the stock exchange. Given its position of authority and strength jointly with a powerful standing, Aviva’s future in the insurance industry appears to be glowing. The Aviva phone number is available Monday to Friday 8am to 8pm, Saturday 8:30am to 5pm, and Sunday 10am to 4pm.

Aviva Contact Number
0870 218 3751

Aviva General Enquiries – 0870 218 3751

Contact an Aviva customer service advisor by calling their general enquiries phone number 01603 622 200, which is charged at local rates. You should phone this switchboard helpline in case you do not know you’d like additional information about their various financial packages or which of their departments you should get in touch with. You may also call this phone number to inquire more about their business, their possession and for corporate enquiries. The helpline which you are able to reach by calling 01603 622 200 is open 9am-5pm Monday-Friday, so please take note that it is closed on weekends and will probably be closed on bank holidays. If you have to contact Aviva outside of these opening times you can find detailed contact information for each of their departments at the base of this page. If you need to send a record applicable to your claim or enquiry to Aviva you should use their fax number 01603 683 659 to send these documents via telecopying. Alternatively if you have to contact Aviva from outside the UK you should telephone their helpline that is international 44 1603 604 999.

Call cost information

Telephoning Aviva’s general enquiries phone number will cost you the same speed as calls to all other UK local numbers (01- and 02-). We can’t establish the exact cost of these calls as it depends on what time and day you are phoning Aviva on, but we do understand that these calls will cost you a changeable per-minute fee plus a call-access price which is determined by your landline provider. Phoning 01603 622 200 from a mobile will efficiently be free of charge if you use any inclusive minutes that are part of your contract or tariff to make the call, however without these minutes the call will probably cost more than making an equal call from a landline. Phoning Aviva’s international helpline will typically cost more than making an UK-only call, and the precise rate will depend on which state you are calling them from.

Car Insurance – 0870 218 3751

Phone an Aviva Car Insurance adviser by calling their local-rate phone number 0345 307 8581. This really is the main customer service helpline for their private motor insurance so if you’ve query about your coverage details, including the expiry date of your cover then you definitely should call this helpline. You can also phone 0345 307 8581 to alter your coverage, for example if you would like to include extras for example breakdown cover or in case you are having difficulties making the monthly payments and thus you’d like a more economic package. You would like to get a quote to cover your vehicle or if you have to make a claim on your own car insurance policy you are able to use the phone numbers provided below to contact the required department.

Car Insurance Websites & Online Forms

Aviva have some webforms that can help you with some of the tasks you want to accomplish surrounding making claims and dealing with quotes and so on:

Manage your Car Insurance with MyAviva
Get a Quote Online
Retrieve your Existing Quote
Online Claims Form
Make a Windscreen Claim & Get your Windshield Replaced
Send Proof of No Claims Discount Via Email

Short-Term Car Insurance – 0333 005 0944

Contact Aviva about their temporary car insurance policies on their phone number that is dedicated 0333 005 0944. This helpline is for existing customers for their 1-28 day short-term car insurance policies, which are particularly helpful if borrow an acquaintance’s van to assist you to move heavy things or you have to drive your friend’s auto. If you should e-mail Aviva about your short term coverage please use their official address aviva@shortterminsurance.co.uk. Aviva Short Term Vehicle Insurance is just available online so if you would like a quote for this type of insurance please fill in a form at quote.dayinsure.com/aviva.

Classic Car Insurance – 0333 323 1242

Contact Hagerty, who underwrite Aviva’s Classic Car Insurance policies, by calling their local-rate phone number 0333 323 1242. You can telephone this helpline to get information about whether their specialist insurance policies can cover your classic vehicle and for assistance if you suffer a breakdown in your vintage car. If you’re interested in covering your classic vehicle with Aviva then please see Hagerty’s dedicated website www.hagertyinsurance.co.uk/classic-car-insurance/aviva.

Motorcycle Insurance – 0345 307 8583

Phone the Aviva Motorcycle Insurance team on their national contact number 0345 307 8583 if you’re an existing customer to make an enquiry on your motorbike coverage,. You can phone this helpline to get helpful advice about adding certain kinds of cover to your policy, for example failure help, and if you would like to cancel your insurance. These insurance policies are there to provide financial aid in the unfortunate situation that you have an accident whilst on your motorbike, and then you should telephone their dedicated claims team if this has happened to you 030 6921. Eventually you can get in touch with Aviva to be able to get a quote for your own motorcycle by phoning their claims team free of charge on their freephone contact number 0800 051 2691 or get a quote online from their motor insurance portal www.direct.aviva.co.uk/quote/direct/motor?source=ZVC4.

Van Insurance – 0345 307 8582

Phone Aviva’s dedicated van insurance team by phoning their local -rate contact number 0345 307 8582. You can telephone this number to upgrade your policy and to assess if your cover would be invalidated by transporting a certain kind or weight of cargo in your van, or if you’re uncertain whether this cover would be appropriate for your vehicle and consequently you would like further information about their policies. We’ve helpfully supplied you with a listing of phone numbers in case if you have suffered a collision or failure in your van and so you must make a claim or you’d like to get your van.

Breakdown Cover – 0345 307 8584

Contact advisors for Aviva Breakdown Cover by calling their phone number 0345 307 8584 alter your policy by removing or adding extras or to revive your breakdown cover. If you have breakdown cover with Aviva and your vehicle breaks down due to an electric or mechanical malfunction please call their 24-hour roadside assistance helpline 0800 015 5755 should you be in great britain or telephone 1800 535 005 if you’re in the Republic of Ireland. However if you’ren’t an existing customer and you’d like to be covered then please phone their estimates that are new helpline 0800 051 3927 free of charge.

Home Insurance – 0345 307 8585

Contact Aviva Home Insurance enquiries by calling their helpline 0345 307 8585, which will be charged at exactly the same rate as UK local phone numbers. Customer service advisors on this particular helpline can offer you advice about whether your house can be covered by them as some buildings, including properties that are thatched, may be exempt. You can even phone 0345 307 8585 to alter your existing cover, for example if you would like to remove certain aspects from your insurance so that you can save money or if you want to add emergency cover to your own policy.

Home Emergency Cover – 0800 056 3392

Telephone Aviva’s crisis cover team for free by phoning their freephone contact number 0800 056 3392. Home Emergency Cover is the add-on insurance bundle that insures your house in the event of various accidents, like contents and electricity loss damage. Sadly this package isn’t offered as a standalone insurance policy but in case you are an existing Aviva home insurance customer you can add emergency cover to your policy by calling 0345 030 7078. If you must make a claim on your own emergency cover please phone their dedicated 24 hour helpline 0345 300 3346.

Life Insurance – 0800 068 6800

By telephoning their contact number that is freephone 0800 068 6800 contact Aviva Life Insurance advisers for free. Aviva offer life insurance policies for a vast variety of people, ranging from over 50’s cover to child (0-4 years) cover, and for numerous purposes, such as income protection and mortgage cover. So if you have to amend your existing coverage on if your family will be provided for in any given situation or make a query, you should phone this number 0800 068 6800 is the primary helpline for all of these life insurance bundles. In the crushing instance that an Aviva Life Insurance policyholder has passed away you should telephone their bereavement phone number 0800 015 1142 to make a claim on their insurance and your family are provided for. You can use their committed postal address below if you would choose to make a claim by post,; please make sure to include complete info including the name of the policyholder and policy number is concluded as quickly as possible.

Travel Insurance – 0345 307 8586

Telephone Aviva about your travel insurance policy by phoning their cellular-friendly contact number 0345 307 8586. This is the primary customer service helpline for Aviva’s traveling team, so if you must amend your coverage with traveling dates that are new or if you’d like to include additional cover or an individual to your own policy you should telephone them. You also ought to telephone 0345 307 8586 to notify Aviva that you’re not able to travel in your departure date that is stated and therefore would like to cancel your insurance. The list below provides complete contact information including numbers to call if you’d like to get a quote or make an emergency or non-crisis claims, for Aviva Travel Insurance.

Email Aviva

If you would prefer to make a general enquiry to Aviva via email you can do so by using their official address helpdesk@aviva.co.uk. This email address can be used for the majority of their insurance and financial packages, and if not then they will be able to forward your email to the correct team to resolve your query.

Write to Aviva

Sending a letter to Aviva is highly likely to be slower than making an enquiry via telephone or by sending an email. If you would like to write to Aviva regardless of this you may use their official enquiries postal address here:

PO Box 4,
Surrey Street,
NR1 3NG,
United Kingdom.