AXA insurance contact number 0870 280 5601

AXA 0870 280 5601

Call the AXA contact number to speak to a AXA customer service representative for all AXA customer service departments including AXA complaints and AXA support queries. The AXA phone number is open 8:00am to 8:00pm Mondays to Fridays, 9:00am to 5:00pm on Saturdays and between 10:00am and 4:00pm on Sundays for all enquiries.

AXA Insurance Contact Number
0870 280 5601
for Customer Service

AXA Contact 0870 280 5601

AXA Contact DetailsAXA Phone Numbers & Contact Details
AXA car insurance phone number0870 280 6346
AXA insurance contact number0870 280 6346
AXA customer service0870 280 6346
AXA phone number0870 280 6346
Address to ContactAXA UK plc. 5 Old Broad Street. London EC2N 1AD
Car Insurance Customer Service, Cancellations (Including Breakdown Cancellations)0330 024 1158
Car Insurance Sales Enquiries0330 024 1161
Car Insurance No Claims Discount (NCD)0330 024 1157
Car Insurance Finance and Payments0330 024 1229
Car Insurance Claims0330 024 1305
Car Windscreen Repair and Replacement0330 024 1306
Car Emergency Breakdown Assistance0800 197 1121
Home Insurance Customer Service Team, Insurance Policy Complaints0330 024 1235
Home Insurance Claims0330 024 8086
Home Insurance Legal Expenses Enquiries0330 024 1278
Home Assistance Team0330 024 1259
Home Insurance Finance Queries0330 024 1239
Home Insurance Claims Complaints0330 024 1277
Travel Insurance Customer Service Team, Insurance Policy Complaints0330 024 1307
Emergency Medical and Repatriation Assistance0173 781 5626
Travel Insurance Claims, Claims Complaints0330 024 1308
Travel Insurance Legal Expenses Claims0330 024 1309
Travel Insurance Finance Queries0330 024 1229
Business Insurance Sales Enquiries0330 159 1520
Business Insurance Customer Service Team, Cancellations, Policy Complaints0330 159 1508
Business Insurance Finance and Payment Queries0330 159 1525
Van Insurance Customer Service Team, Cancellations, Policy Complaints0330 159 1509
Van Insurance Claims Complaints0345 605 2914
Van Insurance Sales Enquiries0330 159 1521
Van Insurance New and Existing Claims, Business Claims Complaints0345 366 5529
Van Insurance Finance and Payment Queries0330 159 1526
Van Windscreen Repair and Replacement0800 269 661
Van Emergency Breakdown Assistance0345 521 1425
Media Enquiries (Corporate Communications)0207 920 5141
Media Enquiries (AXA Insurance)0777 501 4597
Media Enquiries (AXA Business Insurance)0141 245 4089

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AXA remains helping people to protect their possessions, themselves and their families, and look after their funds, for nearly three hundred years.
They are part regarding the AXA Group, a globally chief in economic solutions. They run in 59 nations with over 161,000 staff members and 103 million clients.
In July 2000 AXA finished the purchase of a minority shareholding in sunlight lifestyle and Provincial Holdings.
In September, the name of this holding company changed to AXA UK plc, which it retains to this day. After a succession of mergers‚ name and acquisitions changes‚ the name AXA was initially introduced in 1985.
AXA was selected to be part of two Government funded initiatives to pilot driverless cars into the UK – VENTURER, the Bristol based consortium, plus the UK Autodrive Project in Milton Keynes and Coventry. AXA also acquired simply health’s private medical insurance business and for the 7th year running was named by Inter-brand as the major world-wide insurance brand.

AXA Car insurance Phone Number 0870 280 5601

Little things mean a whole lot with AXA auto insurance. And also ready to aid you twenty-four hours a day, on a daily basis, you can depend on our auto insurance. For reassurance in the road, you know your cars in safe hands with AXA. Use the AXA Insurance phone number on 08702805601.

AXA home insurance 0870 280 5601

Taking good care of the home at every stage of life. You can contact them using the AXA insurance contact above.

Business insurance 0870 280 5601

AXA Business Insurance is designed to help keep your online business running, whatever lies ahead. They provide business insurance to small and medium-sized company, sole trader and self employed citizens, and landlord insurance and van insurance for business or personal use.

With AXA insurance, you’ll be able to tailor your cover to satisfy your needs and save an additional 10% when you purchase online. It’s the guard you’d look forward to AXA at a loAXAr price.

Health Insurance 0870 280 5601

AXA insurance believe that very good healthcare is for everybody. So whatever your budget, there is a private health care plan that’s right to suit your needs.

Van Insurance 0870 280 5601

Whether you make use of your van for work, deliveries or family trips, AXA insurance can cover you. You’ll have accident recovery, roadside repairs and a guaranteed courtesy van from our across the country community, because AXAll as our uninsured driver vow. They also cover the small things like incorrect fuel, lost Sat and keys Navs. Renting away property may be stressful

Landlord Insurance 0870 280 5601

But protecting it doesn’t have to be, With AXA Landlord Insurance, AXA make safeguarding residential property simple. In just a few mines, you will get up to £10m property holders’ responsibility address and security for up to 10 properties. Now that’s landlord insurance you can count on.

Travel Insurance 0870 280 5601

AXA already looks after millions of people around the world with our travel insurance AXA can take great care of you too. Life can be challenging. During difficult times, all of us could do with somebody on our side. Someone to aid us uses the things that matter, at a time when AXA need it most. At AXA, AXA understand what’s important to you so AXA deliver it in all our measures, in spite of just how tiny. It’s that thought and care that sets us aside.

AXA Customer Service 0870 280 5601

If you must send a proof of no claim discount for car insurance, you can mail the records to the following address with your contact details so the customer support team can respond back fast.
AXA Insurance, PO Box 925, 9 Fudan Way, Stockton-On-Tees, TS19 1NL

AXA service addresses for distinct category products can be checked via the link:
AXA is one of the largest insurance companies on the planet, for almost 300 years, serving over 103 million customers. The company specializes in wealth management, insurance and healthcare plans supplying both commercial and private insurance and a variety of adaptive products for home, motor and travel customers and a variety of retirement and investment products and a wide variety of health care plans. The business ‘vision has always been to supply value to cash to as many folks as possible with the great offers and excellent customer service.

To find the  AXA customer service numbers, go to their website at Click on the Contact Us link which can be seen at the top of the page, and it will take you to the page where you have to choose a category to get the AXA telephone number that you are looking for.

AXA Car Insurance Customer Service Number 0870 218 3780

Call AXA client help number 0330 024 1158 for general enquiries about your auto protection. This is additionally the telephone number to dial so as to cross out your strategy or your breakdown cover. In the event that you are hoping to get a quote or buy auto protection, contact client benefit group on 0330 024 1161. On the other hand, you can connect with them by rounding out their email contact shape. For questions identified with back and installments, the AXA contact number helpline is 0330 024 1229.

AXA No Claims Discount Contact Phone Number 0870 218 3780

For enquiries with respect to no cases rebate, contact AXA client benefit number 0330 024 1157. You can send your evidence of no cases rebate by fax to 0330 024 1261 or by post to the accompanying location:

AXA Insurance PO Box 925 9 Fudan Way Stockton-On-Tees TS19 1NL

AXA Car Insurance Claims Customer Service Number 0870 218 3780

To make an auto protection assert, call AXA client benefit number 0330 024 1305. In the event that you are calling from outside the UK, dial +44 1892 502 799. Lines are open 24 hours a day, 7 days seven days to record another claim. To enquire about your current claim, the AXA claims group is accessible from Monday to Friday, 8am to 5pm. Crisis help is accessible at all circumstances.

Contact AXA client help number 0870 218 3780 for auto windscreen repair or substitution. For crisis breakdown help, the number to dial is 0800 197 1121 free number. From Europe, call +44 1737 815 375

AXA Home Insurance Customer Service Number 0870 218 3780

For general enquiries identified with your home protection, call AXA client help number 0330 024 1235. Through this telephone number, you can likewise address a client benefit agent in the event that you have a protestation about your protection approach. To make a home protection assert, dial 0330 024 8086 or email them at For any protestation about your claim, call 0330 024 1277.

Contact AXA client benefit group on 0330 024 1278 for your enquiries concerning legitimate costs. In the event that you need home help, dial 0330 024 1259. For back related questions, the number to call is 0330 024 1239.

AXA Travel Insurance Customer Service Number 0870 218 3780

Contact AXA contact number helpline 0330 024 1307 for general enquiries with respect to your travel protection. This is likewise the telephone number to call on the off chance that you have any protestation about your approach. For crisis medicinal and repatriation help, dial 0173 781 5626.

To make a travel protection guarantee, call 0330 024 1308. You can likewise present an objection about your claim through this contact number. For cases identified with legitimate costs, the number to dial is 0330 024 1309. To enquire in regards to back, call 0330 024 1229.

AXA Business Insurance Sales Enquiries Customer Help Number 0870 218 3780

Dial AXA contact telephone number 0330 159 1520 to get a quote or buy business protection. You can likewise get a protection cite on the web. For general enquiries about your current business protection approach, call client benefit on 0330 159 1508. This is likewise the number to call on the off chance that you might want to make a grumbling or wipe out your arrangement. For back and installment inquiries, dial 0330 159 1525.

To get more data on the best way to make a claim, visit the organization’s devoted cases page. In the event that you have a protest about the claim you made, call 0345 366 5529. On the other hand, you can present your arrangement or claim grumbling by email at

AXA Van Insurance Customer Service Number 0870 218 3780

Contact AXA phone number 0330 159 1509 for general enquiries with respect to your van protection. Through this telephone number, you can likewise make an approach objection or cross out your arrangement. On the other hand, you can enquire by means of email at To get a quote or buy van protection, dial 0330 159 1521 or do it on the web. For fund and installment questions, call 0330 159 1526.

AXA Van Insurance Claims Contact Phone Number 0870 218 3780

Call AXA client help number 0345 366 5529 to make another claim or enquire about your current claim. This is additionally the number for dissensions about business claims. For any grievances about your van protection assert, dial 0345 605 2914. For back and installment inquiries, the number to contact is 0330 159 1526.

Dial AXA contact number helpline 0800 269 661 free number for van windscreen repair or substitution. On the off chance that you require breakdown help, call 0345 521 1425.

AXA Media Enquiries (Corporate Communications) Contact Phone Number 0870 218 3780

Dial AXA contact number helpline 0207 920 5141 and search for Miranda Bellord on the off chance that you are a columnist and might want to address the organization’s senior corporate correspondences director. You can likewise send an email to To achieve the Corporate Communications Manager, call Jennifer Chilcott on 0207 920 5312 or send an email to

AXA Media Enquiries (AXA Insurance) Customer Service Number 0870 218 3780

Call AXA client help number 0777 501 4597 to talk with AXA Insurance PR Head, Martin Friel. You can likewise email him at To converse with PR Manager, Leigh Jackson, call 0777 501 8588 or send an email to

To address AXA Business Insurance PR Manager, call Amy Needham on 0141 245 4089 or send an email to

How to complain about AXA customer service

Resolver is a completely free complaint-resolution tool that puts the British consumer directly in touch with the customer service providers who can resolve their complaint.

By providing you with all the tools and contact details needed to raise and manage your complaint, we put you firmly in control of your issue.

AXA provides 6 services

You can raise complaints about AXA for Car Insurance and Dental Insurance and Home Insurance and Medical Insurance and PPI (payment protection insurance) and Travel Insurance and use the Resolver system to help make every stage of the complaint process easier.

AXA provides:

  • Car Insurance
  • Dental Insurance
  • Home Insurance
  • Medical Insurance
  • PPI (payment protection insurance)
  • Travel Insurance

Axa Car Insurance is one of the leading car insurance providers in the UK. They provide a full range of insurance products from Home, Bike and Life Insurance.

On the website AXA provide local rate phone numbers, however importantly we have a freephone number to call Axa Car Insurance direct, ensuring you get to speak to the correct call operator free of charge. AXA are one of the UK’s oldest insurance companies and have been helping people protect their possessions for over 300 years. This AXA Car Insurance Contact Number will direct you straight through to the main Customer Service Team within AXA Insurance where they will endeavour to assist with your enquiry.