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Dial the British Gas contact number to chat with British Gas contact representatives about anything to do with balances and enquiries to policies, the best deals and so on. Contact British Gas on the British gas telephone number, it is active between 8am and 8pm from Mondays to Fridays, and 8am to 6pm on Saturdays. The British Gas complaints number is the primary contact number for all issues and customer service enquiries.

British Gas Contact Number
0870 218 3768
for Customer Services

British Gas Contact

British Gas DepartmentContact Number
British Gas Contact0870 218 3768
British Gas Complaints0870 218 3768
British Gas Account Enquiries0870 218 3768
British Gas Textphone18001 0800 072 8626
British Gas Calling From Abroad+44 113 298 0900
British Gas Moving Home0870 218 3768
British Gas Probate0800 294 3125
British Gas PAYG Enquiries0800 048 0303
British Gas PAYG Moving Home0800 048 0303
British Gas Home Energy Top Up0800 107 0188
British Gas Sales0800 980 6005
British Gas Web Tech Support0800 048 0505
British Gas Home Energy Top Up0800 107 0188
British Gas Central Heating Breakdown0800 072 1511
British Gas HomeCare Breakdowns and Enquiries0800 072 1511
British Gas Annual Service Visits0800 294 9678
British Gas One-Off Repairs0800 000 999
British Gas New/Replacement Boilers0800 009 4450
British Gas HomeCare Customers0800 048 1000
British Gas Supply Installations0800 072 5280
British Gas Report Theft0800 587 2737
British Gas Energy Saving Advice0800 072 8629
British Gas Welsh Speakers0800 072 8630
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British Gas is one of the Big Six energy providers in the United Kingdom. Their website can be found at British Gas has been providing millions of customers in the United Kingdom with Energy for a very long time. They have developed a very advanced Customer Services network which you can contact Monday to Friday 8am to 9pm, and saturdays 9am to 5pm. Prospective and current customers can telephone the British Gas contact number to talk with a customer service representative about anything from moving house, to website technical support and breakdown and enquiries relating to homecare products. Along with offering services related to petrol and electricity, British Gas also offers additional services like boiler fitting and roof insulation. The firm was founded as a government-supported effort before it became privatised during the mid-1980’s, a move which ended up supplying Britain’s treasury with billions of pounds. At Present BG offers several energy systems that are both cost effective and trusted to provide the energy to millions of customers they want.

British Gas Telephone Number 0870 218 3768

Anybody searching for simple advice can log onto British Gas’s website. There you will be able to locate advice with regards to the many services offered by BG to their customers, and learn the way you can complete the registration procedure to receive those services – or you can simply call their sales team on 0800 980 6005. You may of course need to speak to British Gas for issues unrelated to sales, in which case you can use the British Gas telephone number to get in touch. Talking with a customer service representative is perhaps the best way to get responses regarding special or nuanced issues about your account. Here are a few of the problems that can be discussed when reaching British Gas customer service:

  • Invoices/Payments
  • On-Line Account Dilemmas
  • HomeCare Services
  • Meter Readings
  • Moving House
  • Tariffs and Rate Quotes
  • Submitting British Gas Complaints
  • Reporting Difficulties or Emergencies

If you want to ring the British Gas contact number you can do so by calling the customer service line Monday through Friday from 8am until 8pm, as well as Saturday from 8am until 6pm. The British Gas number for customer service is not open on Sundays. If there’s an emergency that requires immediate consideration, the standard business hours don’t apply. These situations can be reported 24 hours per day, seven days per week using the same number for customer service. You’ll be connected with a representative who can offer you the best assistance possible when you telephone the British Gas phone number. Yet, it is also clear that there may be instances outside of conventional business hours where other alternate contact procedures may be essential. There are other methods that you can contact British Gas, including by way of social and e-mail media.

British Gas Complaints 0870 218 3768

By telephoning the British Gas contact number you can submit opinions and criticisms. The firm has a great record of using all of the feedback received to make crucial changes, as well as acting on, all of the feedback that their customers have supplied to them over the years, and taking note of. Here are a few excellent examples of some of those very changes which were made thanks in part to comments and British Gas complaints:

  • Bills that are simpler to read and utilization data that is clearer is also included by that.
  • Allowing customers to use a remote control to change the settings from their mobile apparatus that are preferred on their heating units.
  • Introducing -per-year tariff assessments to make sure that customers always receive the best pricing.
  • Reducing tariff choices down to two, varying and fixed.

British Gas Telephone Number 0870 218 3768

Initially, there were four distinct tariff choices for customers to choose from before British Gas chosen to reduce the options to only two. The fixed alternative is rather self explanatory; yet, it’s also offered as part of a reward program of forms, along with a service plan which allows the price to fall as long as the energy pricing does. In terms of the variable option, there’s just one standard plan involving this, which supplies charging based on just how much energy is used. Contact the business to request pricing information, or call the British Gas Homecare number to request rates for house services.

Finally dial the British Gas contact number on 0800 048 0202 if you need any kind of account support, plan on moving house, or need to pay your bill. British Gas customer service agents guarantee to do so as fast as possible, and can help with all types of matters. For some, British Gas contact may seem like a hassle, but the truth of the matter is that this energy applies a large support staff and has positioned itself to be able to provide the type of help that one would anticipate from a major UK energy provider.

Contact British Gas 0870 218 3768

British is a utility and home energy supplier in the United Kingdom. It is the exchanging name of British Gas Services Limited and British Gas New Heating Limited, both belonging to Centrica. Serving around twelve million homes in the UK, British Gas is the greatest UK electricity and gas provider and is viewed as one of the Big Six commanding the gas and power in the United Kingdom.

The brand British Gas stays from the split of the British Gas Corporation in 1997, which shaped Centrica, BG Group and Transco. The British Gas Corporation was created as a result of the rebuilding of the UK gas industry taking after the Gas Act 1972. This combined the greater part of the territory sheets and made the British Gas Corporation. The British Gas Corporation was privatized as British Gas plc by the Thatcher government and on 8 December 1986 it was floated on the London securities exchange. Centrica operates as Scottish Gas in Scotland.

British Gas Emergency Service 0800 111 999

If you need to contact British Gas in an emergency – you can use the Emergency Number on 0800 111 999 (free number), this is essential if you detect any form of gas leak in your property. Do not hesitate to call this number immediately if you have any concerns or worries about carbon monoxide, fumes, or suspect poisoning in your gas appliances or in your property in general. Whilst you are waiting to hear from British Gas when you report such an issue it is imperative that you open all doors and windows to ensure proper ventilation, extinguish any flames that may exist and manually open any electrical security locks that might prevent entry to your property. Make sure you don’t turn electrical switches on or off in case you accidentally ignite something you shouldn’t! Finally, remove yourself from the potentially dangerous situation and wait for help to arrive. If there is a fire or a serious risk – ring the regular emergency services first and foremost.

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British Gas Number for Electrical Appliance Emergency 0800 048 1000

On a similar note regarding emergencies – if you have any issues with electrical appliances you should ring 0800 048 1000, this is especially important if you smell any smoke coming from lights, sockets or fuses within your property. It’s also the number you might want to ring if you are having issues with your central heating or plumbing problems and breakdowns, that is of course, if you are a HomeCare customer, if you are a HomeCare insurance customer and your appliances are covered under this, you are able to book online. It is also possible to book a professional online if you’ve got a British Gas account, just follow this link if you want to do so. Unless of course you haven’t registered for an online account, in which case you can do so here. If you don’t actually have HomeCare insurance then you should still ring the British Gas Number – because they can resolve your problem for a fixed price without any hidden charges.

British Gas Helpline for making Complaints 0870 218 3768

If you’d like to make a complaint pertaining to gas and electricity, ring the British Gas helpline on 0870 0218 3768. If you’d like to be a little more aggressive you can email Matt Idle himself, the company’s Managing Director at If you’re a Pay As You Go customer the number to use is still 0800 072 8633 to make a complaint. If you have complaints about boilers then just dial 0800 294 4460.

British Gas Services

In order to get the most out of your services, it is imperative that you be aware of what services are offered. You can take advantage of the many various amenities that are provided by British Gas, but to know what those things are and to know whether or not you qualify for them are of great importance to the process. British Gas provides a multitude of beneficial protections, like electrical coverage, home insurance, and landlord insurance, among a variety of other helpful opportunities.

Boiler Servicing

When contacting British Gas, you will probably notice that they have oodles of information in regards to their explicit services. Included in these is the option for annual boiler services, which are important for the wellbeing of the environment as well as the health of your wallet. British Gas will inspect your boiler to ascertain that it is working correctly, making sure that you and your family are safe and well-off. Boilers can actually leak carbon monoxide if they are faulty, which is lethal when consumed in large quantities and undetectable without special equipment.

Insurance Opportunities

British Gas offers many types of insurance in order to keep their customers safe and happy. Boiler and central heating coverage gives them the opportunity to rectify a potentially dangerous situation caused by a boiler breaking down or the heating packing up. The engineers provided by British Gas are all on the Gas Safe Register, which is the official registration body of the UK for protecting the citizens against those unfit for the job. When you are contacting British Gas to get a problem fixed, you can rest assured that the technician sent will be more than competent. In addition to having top quality engineers, British Gas will also cover the cost of repair work under this insurance option.

Along with the boiler and central heating coverage offered by the British Gas customer services, there is also electrical insurance available. Everyone has the dreaded moment wherein something important stops working, whether it is the light switch or the socket for the television. Sometimes this is caused by a damaged fuse board, other times it’s the entire electrical system. Regardless of whatever the cause, British Gas can send someone to repair the damage without breaking a sweat.

To keep things beneficial for the customers, British Gas also offers plumbing insurance. When you are contacting British Gas to see what various types of insurance they offer, it is great to note that they care enough to include plumbing difficulties in their listing. Any pipe problem can be incredibly obnoxious to deal with, whether it is a cracked pipe or a dripping sink or even something far worse. By taking out insurance through British Gas, you are preventing lasting damage that costs a fortune. As per usual, all o the parts and labor required are covered under this insurance plan.

In the same vein as plumbing, British Gas customer service offers the specific insurance plan for drains to protect against possible waste-pipe fiascos. When the drains become blocked or messed up, the certified specialists from British Gas can rectify the situation immediately. This sort of coverage can be incredibly helpful during difficult times.

Appliance insurance is another amazing benefit offered through British Gas. To keep the important things in your life functioning properly, like the refrigerator and stove maintaining their capacity to work properly, it can sometimes be imperative that you contact someone for additional help. If you are already covered with appliance insurance, then you do not need to pay out of pocket to replace something you use every day.

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