companies house contact number 0870 218 3833

Companies House 0870 218 3833

Call the Companies House if you need to get in touch with a Companies House representative for all enquiries relating to general queries and filing for a business. The Companies House contact number is open Monday to Friday from 8:30am to 6pm.

Companies House Contact Number
0870 218 3833
for customer services

Companies House Contact 0870 218 3833

Contact MethodContact Details
Companies House0870 218 3833
Companies House Cardiff0870 218 3833
Companies House Belfast0303 1234 500
Companies House Edinburgh0870 218 3833
Companies House London0870 218 3833
Companies HouseCompanies House, Crown Way, Cardiff, CF14 3UZ, DX 33050 Cardiff
Companies House

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About Companies House

Companies House is solely responsible for keeping track of the registration of theUnited Kingdom’s companies operating domesticslly. It is an executive agency under the remit of the British Government. Specificaly the department responsible for companies house is the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills. Companies Hoise is also a member of the Public Data Group. Companies of any form permitted by the United Kingdom Companies Act are recorded on incorporation and registration with Companies House and their company and director specific details are filed as required by the Companies Act 2006. Whether they are registered limited companies, subsidiary companies, small and inactive companies, they must all file annual financial statements in addition to annual company returns, which are all kept on public record. Only some registered unlimited companies (where certain conditions are explicitly met) are exempt from this requirement regarding public record.