EDF Energy 0870 218 3769

EDF Energy Contact Number: 0870 218 3769
Dial EDF Energy customer service number to chat with EDF Energy representatives about anything to do with balances and enquiries to policies, the best deals and so on. The EDF Energy phone number is active between 9am and 6pm from mondays to saturdays, sundays 10:30am to 4:30pm. The EDF Energy number is still your primary source of contact for all issues and customer service enquiries. So call EDF Energy number today.

EDF Energy Contact Number
0870 218 3769

EDF is a British energy business, specializing in electricity generation and sales as well as petrol sales. Its clients consist of both companies and private energy consumers. The firm can be reached by phoning the EDF contact number supplied here. This phone number is open to prospective future customers, along with to both those who now have an account. As one of the top energy producers in the entire United Kingdom, EDF Energy is producing around 20% of the UK’s electricity at this time, and is placing itself to generate even more in the forthcoming years.

EDF Energy Contact Number for Customer Service

To talk with an agent, phone the EDF customer service number found here. Agents are always ready to provide help with any possible account and billing issues.

If your issue or issues doesn’t demand the sharing of account information that is private, and you would like to speak with the company in public, you can contact them via social media. Email is also an alternative for those who don’t need immediate aid. EDF contact via e-mail can be started from their site. EDF customer service employees are at your service on the EDF energy telephone number – ready to answer your questions seven days per week during these hours:

Monday: 9:30 am – 6 pm
Tuesday: 9 am – 6 pm
Wednesday: 9 am – 8 pm
Sunday: 10:30 am –4:30pm

EDF Phone Number for Service Requests

To transfer service between locations, or to order petrol or electrical service for the first time, EDF contact will be needed. Don’t forget that both registering for first-time service and transferring service when moving home aren’t processes that are instantaneous. With this in mind, contact EDF Energy customer service well in advance of purchasing, transferring, or switching services.

The greater part of the waiting interval is the ‘cooling off’ condition of 2-weeks, followed by several additional days for service setup. This is needed in order to protect both company and your ’s greatest interest. The firm is protected by the waiting period from waiting resources should you decide to continue with your present energy supplier. There’s another waiting period of approximately one week, during which the actual setup procedure takes place after the waiting period has passed. Of course, when you sign up for new service, you do n’t need to wait a couple of weeks as it is in the case of transfer.

EDF Contact for Tariff Information

For its residential customers, the firm offers two tariff choices – set and changeable. Likewise, the same kinds of tariff choices are available for corporate customers. Both business and residence customers can discuss projected tariffs by phoning the EDF Energy contact number. Aside from pricing differences, a period of contract changes. Tariff estimate advice can be provided by the EDF customer services section, or it can be requested on the business web site.

EDF Energy Contact for Businesses

Company customers should consider talking with a company specialist and telephoning the EDF Energy phone number. As a business with one of the biggest energy market shares in the Uk, EDF is effective at offering competitive pricing. The truth is, affordable energy prices offered to its customers are among the biggest strengths of the business, topped only by its exceptional customer service. EDF customer service representatives are always prepared to share advice associated with pricing and services. Contact EDF by telephone should you be interested in getting a quote, or use the contact form on the business web site.

Both business and residence customers are encouraged to contact EDF customer service on 0870 218 3769 for help and support. This comprises reporting issues, purchasing service, transferring service, lodging a grievance, updating account information, reporting more, and protection concerns.