Got a New Xbox For Christmas?

Microsoft’s revised Xbox 1 S packs a mighty punch within a very much smaller package than before – so if you discovered a sweet fresh game system within a deceivingly small package this Christmas, you then had a good surprise probably!

But you don’t desire to be surprised if you are trying to create the console, obtain it online, and provide any data over from a typical Xbox One. So you don’t want to be clueless as it pertains period to snag some clean games, find 4K mass media, and consider helpful add-ons to improve your gaming experience.

Unwrapped an Xbox A single S Just? Here’s how to convert that exciting small bundle of potential fun in to the center of your video gaming and media universe.


The Xbox One S comes with the essential cords you have to begin: an HDMI cable that is out to your TV and a power plug for the wall. Yes, it’s only a plug this time around: not only is the Xbox One S about 40% smaller compared to the previously model (and 200% more appealing), however the power was killed because of it brick to boot.

If you are plugging the Xbox One S right into a 4K Television, however, be cautious where you plug for the reason that HDMI cable: some TVs only enable full 4K output via certain ports, so take a glance on the TV itself or within its instructions ideally. You will want to squeeze out as much resolution from the gaming console as you can, in the end.

So far as HDR (high dynamic range) support goes, you may need a 4K TV with HDR10 support. That may not mean anything for you, and that is totally understandable. There are two primary HDR standards-HDR10 and Dolby Vision-and some products and TVs support only 1, or both simultaneously maybe. The Xbox One S just handles HDR10.

If you have the proper TV, then just ensure that HDR is enabled on the telly and that it is also enabled within the video settings on the Xbox One S. Perform the same on the Xbox side for 4K quality; you can select “Auto-detect” for resolution to make things easier. You may also head to “Advanced Video Configurations” and “4K TV information” in the Xbox One S configurations to obtain a heads-up on what your TV allows. This official support doc can help.

Running into problems Still? A firmware revise to your TV may help, but in some full cases, you might not have a simple solution. In my own case, I’ve had problems with HDR on Xbox One S games on my brand-new Sony 4K Television, but it’s a well known issue – one which will hopefully become resolved with an update on either it or Xbox end of items, because for the present time it’s hugely annoying. Look at different companies to find if your particular TV has any incompatibilities with the Xbox One S. That is pretty new tech still, and there are several early adopter frustrations you may have to deal with.

One other aspect to consider as you’re establishing the console: which power environment to use. You could have it in Instant-on mode, in which the system can be fired up with a voice control via Kinect, plus game and application updates are downloaded and applied automatically. Or you can select the Energy-saving setting, which requires the gaming console to load a bit more at each startup and disables the automated updates. One saves trouble, the other can cut costs. You decide.

Unlike with the PlayStation 4 Pro, there is no easy, all-in-one practice for transferring total of your video games and data in one console to some other – however in one respect, it’s a much better encounter on the Xbox One S.

All your game helps you to save are uploaded to Xbox Live, if you move more than from an Xbox Someone to the Xbox One S, you can merely sign in and also access all that data. You will have to manually redownload any digital games, along with reinstall disc-based games, but at least the will save is there in the cloud and looking forward to you up.

You don’t need reduced Xbox Live Gold take into account cloud saves, but there are other benefits: the ability to utilize online multiplayer, in addition to four free video games to download every single full month. And you could keep those games, as long as your Gold accounts remains intact. It’s £40 for a yr or £6 per month, but you’ll get yourself a lot for your cash if you are using your Xbox a whole lot and prefer to play online games.

Lastly, you’re absolutely sure to need something firmware update when you initially setup the console, and could need to update any kind of games you get, as well. Anticipate to perform something else for some time as the console gets all your software fully updated.


If you’ve simply brought an Xbox One S into your flat, then you’ll definitely want a few of the biggest and brightest games showing it off. But the place to start?

Well, here are a few great options: three massive AAA releases that’ll push your system to its limits, along with 3 great cheaper, downloadable video games that’ll get you gaming in a rush. And then if you are looking for 4K films and TV shows, we have some pointers there as well.

Looking for more games after studying this even? We recently picked 10 of the year’s greatest games for our Xmas list, nevertheless, you can find a larger and even more comprehensive set of Xbox One picks since release right here.

Big AAA games

Gears of War 4 (£40)

Possess an Xbox? Like capturing issues? Well, then you’ll surely want Gears of War 4 on your own screen ASAP. Microsoft’s 1st new Xbox One access pushes the console to its limitations with flashy shootouts and lots of brute action. It’s nothing terribly fresh, really, but intense blasting doesn’t get superior to this – and it offers HDR support too.

Forza Horizon 3 (£40)

Open-street racing hits a fresh peak with Forza Horizon 3, which shifts the action to the seashores, jungles, cities, and dirt roads of Australia. It’s a complete beauty, with HDR enabled especially, and the video game is actually expansive: you’ll look for a seemingly endless selection of events, and cruising around the island is fantastic fun just.

Overwatch (£42)

If Gears of Battle 4’s extreme violence and bro-tastic ‘tude aren’t really your thing, then maybe you’ll receive a kick away of Overwatch. Blizzard’s shooter is conveniently this year’s best multiplayer experience, and the varied character roster and shiny, anime-esque aesthetic make it the tonal contrary of all top-end blasters.

Cheap and digital

Rocket League (£16)

Acrobatic cars playing football is really as genius and immensely addictive since it sounds really, and Rocket League is definitely a can’t-miss experience for anybody who craves the thrill of competition. It’s a complete blast, and with basketball and hockey settings in the blend amidst other variations, this is a casino game that may hardly ever lose its fun.

Inside (£16)

From the manufacturers of the wonderful Limbo comes another shadowy, side-scrolling adventure starring a boy on the road – and it’s just as suspenseful and captivating. Inside assessments your ability to force through environmental puzzles as you uncover the mystical narrative, and it’s really sure to wow you steadily on the way.

Superhot (£20)

You’ve never performed anything like Superhot before. This indie strike smashes the normal rules of first-person shooters with one big twist: everything in the globe only techniques when you move your personality. Bullets hang in midair and enemies are frozen set up until you begin walking – and the effect is a totally transformed and totally transfixing shooter.

Get 4K media

Got a 4K Television? Then you’ll certainly want to view as very much Ultra HD media as you obtain your eyes on, and streaming solutions like Netflix and Amazon involve some solid options luckily.

Netflix has shows want Luke Cage, Stranger Points, and Home of Cards obtainable in 4K, although you need to pay a few quid extra monthly for the highest-end streaming membership option. Meanwhile, Amazon’s Primary Instant Video service gives up shows just like the Grand Tour and Transparent in Ultra HD quality.

And in contrast to the PlayStation 4 Pro, Microsoft’s latest gaming console packs in a 4K Blu-ray player, therefore you will get physical Ultra HD discs – and that delivers the best-possible viewing encounter. The selection is now a little thin for, but top actions flicks like Mad Max: Fury Road, Deadpool, Celebrity Trek: Beyond, and X-Men: Apocalypse can be found. You’ll pay a premium, however.


Wish to take your video game to another level? Grab some amazing accessories to improve your Xbox One S knowledge, be it a high-end controller, a good and inexpensive headset, or among these other appealing options.

Xbox A single Elite Wireless Controller (£120)

Yes, £120 will be a lot to invest on a gamepad – but this truly may be the best of the greatest on Xbox One. Microsoft’s own high-end gadget provides swappable analog sticks and d-pad choices, extra paddles for quicker usage of buttons, and hair-result in locks for quicker firing. Add in reduced finish and the purchase price starts to create sense for critical Xbox gurus.

Xbox 1 S Vertical Stand (£15)

Attempting to squeeze the Xbox One particular S into a limited slot following to your telly? Well, you may want the official Vertical Are a symbol of the console then. True, spending £15 for a little chunk of plastic may appear unnecessary, but it’ll protected your console and it snaps directly into ensure that the equipment doesn’t wobble or fall over. The stand includes the 2TB console, however, not every other bundle.

Seagate 4TB Video game Drive (£150)

Modern games could be massive absolutely, and they all need to be installed about the Xbox One S, even though you have the disc – so you’re sure to perform out of hard disk drive space at some time unless you’re deleting video games regularly. Why bother? Get Seagate’s 4TB plug-and-play external travel and add a large chunk of extra storage space to the system in a snap.

Turtle Beach XO A single Headset (£40)

You can spend lots of money on a gaming headset if you please, but if you would like a thing that is comfortable, simple to use, and sounds very good, Turtle Beach’s XO One is a mid-range favourite. It has reviews that are positive on Amazon overwhelmingly, and at £40 just, you don’t need to break your budget for quality audio and the capability to personal opponents over the mic.

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