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Ingenie 0870 280 6346

Call the Ingenie contact number to speak to an Ingenie Insurance customer service representative for all Ingenie customer service departments including Ingenie complaints and other customer service queries. Ingenie phone number is open Monday – Friday: 8am – 8pm and Saturday: 9am – 4pm for all enquiries.

Ingenie Contact Number
Call 0870 280 6346
for Customer Services

Ingenie Contact 0870 280 6346

Ingenie ContactPhone Numbers & Contact Details
Ingenie Phone0870 280 6346
Ingenie Contact Number0870 280 6346
Ingenie Helpline0870 280 6346
Ingenie Quote Line0870 280 6346
Ingenie New Quote Phone Number0870 280 6346
Address to Contact310 Harbour Yard, Chelsea Harbour, London, SW10 0XD

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Ingenie is an insurance company which offers car insurance using a black box (telematics device), ingenie provides affordable car insurance for young drivers and is a quick and effective way of getting insured. For those looking to learn more about telematics devices work or interested in saving on insurance costs, should call the Ingenie contact number listed here. Those who dial the Ingenie phone number will get in touch with a customer service agent who can assist them regarding coverage offered and any other sales questions they may have. For those who are already insured with Ingenie and have a policy in place, the customer service agents will be able to assist in changes to the policy or submissions of claims and enquiries.

Ingenie Black Box Car insurance is a youth focused brand that offers car insurance for everybody, except that it is particularly customised to young drivers aged between 17 and 25. The company is one of the first to focus exclusively on ‘black box’ insurance, that is, to compensate clients with less expensive premiums for good driving habits picked up through a black box device fitted to their cars.

It has been recorded that young male drivers have more serious car crash than their female counterparts. This is regularly brought about by arrogance and over confidence. However there are EU regulations on gender discrimination in car insurance, and so their niche is with the ages of well-behaved drivers – whose conduct they prove using black boxes to record driving habits.
Ingenie Black Box Car insurance is intended to help young drivers turn out to be better, more secure drivers, then reward them with Good Driving Discounts. In the U.K, where Ingenie Black Box Car insurance has been around since 2011, the approach has decreased young drivers’ risk of accident in the course of their initial six-months of driving by 40%.

Ingenie Customer Service 0870 280 6346

One important advantage of Ingenie Black Box Car insurance is that it assists young drivers in picking cars that fit the bill for lower premiums. As the company goes to considerable lengths to call attention to, the cost of a vehicle is often the governing factor when it comes to insurance costs, and they give a detailed list of cars that meet all requirements for lower cost insurance so as to help the young people in keeping their premiums low.

Another real benefit with Ingenie insurance compared with other car insurance agencies is regarding curfews and mileage confinements. Ingenie Black Box Car insurance puts no restrictions on when the car can be driven or for what number of miles. Most other insurance companies confine driving to somewhere around 11pm and 6am, particularly on weekends. Normally, different companies discourage driving between those times, as well as applying charges or penalty points if the car is driven around evening time. At some point, expenses of £100 to £200 may even be levied against the individuals who break the check in time.

Ingenie Black Box Car insurance is also the first provider to permit young drivers to get an auto insurance quote and understand the amount they could save by driving excellently and quickly potential customers are able to find more information by ringing the Ingenie contact number listed in order to very quickly get insured. This number also handles customer service enquiries and lets you get in contact quickly with useful customer service representatives via the Ingenie phone number.

Ingenie Black Box Insurance stands alone when it comes to providing opportunities to pay a lower price for car insurance. The company assesses the habits of drivers every three months, so they can apply discounts for safe and sound driving habits at the same time. Other car insurance companies reassess driving records maybe once per year, and then adjust if it is necessary. Ingenie Black Box Car insurance wants their policy holders to be rewarded as much as possible, hence the four times per year review to see if they can get a profitable discount.

For youngsters who are searching for less expensive auto insurance and who would prefer not to be limited by the stricter curfews that other UK based insurance providers might offer, Ingenie Black Box Car insurance is probably the right approach – as we all know insurance in general in the UK is massively overpriced – so it is good to get the cheaper end of the spectrum where possible. Their customer service is excellent too and they pride themselves on low cost. When you visit the Ingenie Black Box Car insurance site, you are welcomed by the grinning face of Gary Linekar – previous England footballer and crisp aficionado, one of the brand’s lead investors, whether that’s to their credit or not is an interesting question – but at least the brand is backed by high profile people so it is trustworthy and thus likely to pay out in the event of a claim.

Finally, these advantages and benefits make everything about insurance for young drivers easy and affordable, making life easier. I encourage you to ring the Ingenie contact number with any enquiries, as you’ll likely find it is much faster than email anyway – the Ingenie Phone numbers and customer care is open all the time, 24 hours, 7 days a week in fact in order to assist you and answer all your questions. Call the Ingenie number now

What are Telematics / What is Black Box Insurance

Telematics insurance – is a type of car insurance rapidly gaining in popularity – especially in the UK where Insurance prices are almost criminally expensive. It is a way that younger drivers or at risk drivers can pay cheaper insurance, by having an in built black box to feed back driving habits to insurance agents like Ingenie Car Insurance so that their ingenie customer service staff can better decide who should receive rewards for safe driving and who might be penalised for bad habits. Generally, organisations unlike Ingenie base premium costs on specific driving elements, for example, the vehicle’s protection, the age of the driver, their experience and history driving out and about.

Every one of these variables  is a factor in Ingenie car insurance, but there are additional influences too with telematics and black box – instead of depending on general presumptions about things like the driving habits of an age cluster of 18-24 year olds – intelligent systems will utilise electronically gathered information from these black boxes as you drive in order to recalculate and quote future premiums and costs on car insurance in view of your particular driving abilities and habits. Ingenie contact the black box which feeds back this driving information, to inform them of things like the time of day you drive, average speeds and so on. There are various potential advantages to the black box technology, but primarily it helps to permit young, safe drivers to rapidly demonstrate their driving abilities to insurance companies like Ingenie in order to get a better deal on car insurance, conceivably taking them out of the classification of drivers seen by insurers as risky drivers.  Keep in mind that telematics boxes in insurance can likely offer premium and payment advantages to drivers of any age, including more established and more experienced drivers.

Ingenie Phone Number 0870 280 6346

Different insurance agencies will be keen on different variables and will screen and measure your driving appropriately, however normal things would be when and where you’re driving; the sort of street; how quick you’re going whether you’re inside pace limits; how commandingly you apply the brakes; how you take corners.

Drivers who are habitually safer on the road will unlock better value premiums and bargain insurance rates than those whose black boxes highlight systemic driving issues or bad habits, or who drive on more dangerous roads at greater speeds.

Most black boxes have an in built heap of miles set by the insurance agency, when that mileage allowance is used up penalisations may occur – it depends on your insurance agent or policy with Ingenie. Contact Ingenie customer service agents to get more information on this.

With this kind of approach miles can be bought as add-ons (depending again, on whether the insurance agent does this or not – or imposes such an allowance), but also if you drive safer you can usually receive some mileage back in reward for your good behaviour on the road. Which negates the need to buy extra mileage outside of the allowance. Again it is worth using the Ingenie phone number to be sure of this.

Call the Ingenie number 0870 280 6346

As with all insurance companies, the reasons for calling the Ingenie contact number are diverse and vast. Maybe you are a new driver looking to get a clever deal on your car insurance, at a time where your premium may cost you over the chances. If you telephone Ingenie with the details of the intended policy-holder and the automobile you’re wanting to cover you will be able to get a quote over the phone. Existing customers can also use the exact same number, whether to amend personal details or to make a claim. The Ingenie customer service team are professional and fully trained, enabling them to manage all issues with ease.

The Ingenie contact number should also be your first port of call should you wish to lodge a complaint with the insurance company. Whether you’ve got an issue with you wish to complain about a member of staff or how much you’re being charged, be sure you call up with as many details to give as you can get. The more info you give when making a complaint, the more likely you are to get a positive answer. Phone the Ingenie contact number for quick, effective results when you’ve got a question or an issue with Ingenie.

The downside of Telematic black boxes

This isn’t necessarily true of Ingenie Blackbox Insurance – but it is worth using the ingenie phone number to ask them about each aspect of your policy before taking a new one out. If you aren’t as good a driver you may find your premiums increasing, especially if you are a pay monthly user with your respective insurance agency.

You may also find some issues if you frequently drive at key times of the day, after dark – in high volume traffic periods and so on. But your insurance company will make you aware of these. Wet conditions may also impact on your driving experience, so anyone in Britain will have to factor in bad weather days potentially depending on policy, and some insurance agents charge for the fitting of the black box, others don’t – so shop about, or use the Ingenie number to check if they do for your particular policy.

You may also need a guarantor for your policy – especially if you are young driver, though this isn’t always the case with black box insurers.

Information from the Official Ingenie site

“Ingenie is on your side – we’re all about creating better, safer drivers.

To help you improve we give you straightforward, regular comments which you can see online and in your telephone. This lets you take responsibility for how you drive along with how much you pay for your insurance.

Quite only: drive and pay less.

Ingenie will meet a black box in your auto within the first fourteen days, at no extra price. It’ll be installed by a specialist fitter, so they can treat you as a person and reward you for driving well.

You’ll get regular feedback on your own driving about every 10 days (provided that you’ve driven at least 40 miles in that time), via the Ingenie app or website. Ingenie will appraise your rate, acceleration, braking and cornering as tendencies, so that you are not penalised for an isolated incident.

The price of your insurance is subsequently reviewed every drive well and you could earn a further discount for good driving; rive badly and your premium may grow.”

Use the Ingenie phone number now to get in touch on 08702806346

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