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KnowHow 0870 280 6367

Dial the KnowHow contact number to speak to a KnowHow customer service representative for all KnowHow customer services departments including KnowHow contact complaints and KnowHow support queries. The KnowHow phone number is open  every weelday from 8am to 8 pm, Saturday 9 am to 6 pm, Sunday 10 am to 5 pm so ring the KnowHow number now.

KnowHow Contact
0870 280 6367
for Customer Services

KnowHow Contact Number

Contact MethodContact Details
KnowHow Phone Number0870 280 6367
KnowHow Customer Services0870 280 6367
KnowHow Contact0870 280 6367
Currys Head Office0344 561 1234
Address to ContactDSG Retail Limited 2016. DSG Retail Limited, 1 Portal Way, London, W3 6RS

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KnowHow Customer Service 0870 280 6367

KnowHow is a service used by Currys PC World to provider after-sales technical support. In a time of increasing technological sophistication there are a whole lot of services outfits cropping up everywhere. So it becomes a real problem trying to figure out which of these companies are truly worth the hype and able to deliver all they promise they can deliver. In an industry where competition is stiff, it is difficult to know which tech services company to choose.

Curry’s PC World uses KnowHow services and support to provide reliable aftercare to customers so that you don’t have to shop around for a support provider with any of your technical queries. Based in the UK, KnowHow Services covers extensive areas of technology support. KnowHow has a team of experts in all areas of technology including but not limited to computers, music players or gadgets, kitchen and household appliances. In addition, they boast of over 500 technicians on the road taking care of customer’s issues directly at their homes. There is also a 1,400 person team of experts based in the UK, who are contactable using the KnowHow UK Contact Center. They are available and helping customers 24/7 everyday of the year.

KnowHow is the best technology service and support company – available in Currys and PC World stores nationwide. The firm offer help and guidance when technology fails you, in addition to providing TV and appliance delivery services and set ups. They offer a 24/7 technology helpline as well as their normal customer service team who can help you with hints. guides and

They promise not to bombard you with technology jargon despite them having experts in every area of products, as a company. They’ve over 500 technicians on the road, 1400 in the UK Contact Centre and 1000 in the team of engineers in the repair laboratory and 700 installers to fit satellite dishes and kitchen appliances getting you connected and plumbed in. Repairing TVs, laptops and games consoles too, KnowHow can be available at home, online, in-store and on the phone. You can reach KnowHow customer services on 0870 280 6367 or go to

KnowHow Support 0870 280 6367

KnowHow is the new face of technology service and support – we need you in order to appreciate your new product for years to come. From getting it and setting it up, or helping you get the most out of your technology we are here to help with our knowhow. We can get you back up and running if your merchandise lets you down. Knowhow can be found by you at Currys and PC World ready to offer guidance and friendly help, we’ll be there to deliver and install your new TV, washing machine or fridge freezer. We’re at the end of the phone 24/7 or online with lots of useful . tricks and guides hints, Whichever way you need to get in touch, we assure you this – we won’t use lots of technology and ’ll talk to you like a human being speak. The Knowhow Team has experts in every area of technology, whether it be music players, computers, kitchen appliances or gadgets. DELIVER & INSTALL – we produce the huge things from Currys and PC World, and get you contacted and plumbed in SET UP – don’t wade through manuals that are confusing. We can get your gadgets set up and working in no time SUPPORT – the Knowhow Team is ready and waiting to give you guidance and friendly, expert advice over the phone or online. We never sleep call us whenever you want us REPAIR & SHIELD – if something breaks don’t panic. Our state of the art repair laboratory and national technicians can get you back on the road NOT A PC WORLD OR CURRYS CUSTOMER? No problem, we can still help with tons of items and you can get our useful guides and tutorials at

KnowHow Phone Number 0870 280 6367

Do you have broken gadgets that need repair or protection? Well one of the services offered by KnowHow is there repair and protection service. There are multiple plans under the support and repair umbrella. These are as follows:

  • Tablets and gadget care plan – to look after your tablets and gadgets in a sort of insurance basis
  • Television care plan – more insurance but focused around televisions of course
  • Instant replacement – this is pretty cool, allows for instant replacement of damaged gadgets – contact KnowHow for more information
  • Laptop and Netbook repairs – repairs of this nature can set you back at a minimum £50 so getting a good service from KnowHow can often be cheaper
  • TV repairs – For TV repairs of all types
  • Desktop repairs – This is similar to laptops etc but varies from what might be damaged on a per component basis
  • Computing care plan – Insurance on computing parts handled by KnowHow with the brand backing of Currys
  • Kitchen appliance care plan – Because it is Currys, they branch out into white goods and technologies found in the kitchen
  • Cooker repairs – Since cookers are prone to breaking, KnowHow handles a range of whitegood repairs
  • Fridge and freezer repairs – Just like cookers, whitegoods, you get it
  • Washing machine and dryer repair

KnowHow caters for any repair and care plan you may be in need of, as you can see what they cover is really quite extensive and you can discuss all of these plans in depth via the KnowHow contact number. Just think white good repairs, and you know KnowHow probably does it. They’re a huge business backed by a huge chain so there is some benefit to this as they aren’t likely to disappear overnight. Which gives you some peace of mind over warranties etc.

KnowHow Support 0870 280 6367

In terms of support, KnowHow Technological Services offers the best support services you can get anywhere in the tech support industry. The KnowHow team is reading and waiting to offer friendly, expert guidance and advice online and over the phone. You can reach them at anytime of the day. Finally, you can find KnowHow Technological services on 1 Portal Way in London. You can also contact KnowHow via phone here 0870 280 6367.

Phone the Knowhow contact number and get help from your PC World /Currys team who are responsible for manning their UK helpline. As a specialist service provided by the Currys group, the team are working, installed and able to ensure that your item is delivered – especially helpful as technology gets harder to manage.
Nevertheless, their helpline handles a range of other issues – such as attention & on-going cover, in addition to general enquiries and complaints about the service. Whatever the matter, the Knowhow helpline should be able to assist customers who telephone up – and these matters are often resolved over the course of a call. Telephone the Knowhow contact number and get the support you need from their call centre staff.

KnowHow Customer Services Address

If you would prefer to write to KnowHow customer services you can use the following address in order to do so:

Knowhow Customer Services
PO Box 1686
S2 5YB

Delivery and Installation

KnowHow Technological services is always on hand to deliver and install your products at any given time that suite you best. You new product can also be installed on the same day it was delivered to save time and cost for you. You can count on them for cooker installation, Built-in appliance installation, TV set-up and wall mount, home cinema set-up and demo, set-up and installation, aerial install and tuning. Your order is track-able on their website and a timely reminder is always sent a day before the delivery. KnowHow customer service should be your port of call for any installation queries and help. The KnowHow customer services teams are very timely and prompt in their helpfulness. Currys customers all over the country ring up the KnowHow support team in order to book installation on their deliveries if they haven’t handled and organised this in store, so it is never too late to get the additional service. You can read more about the Deliver and Install service here.


In addition to the numerous services listed above, KnowHow offers comprehensive set-up services. With them, you can set-up your computer, eReader, tablets, camera or home network just the way you want it. If you need some help getting a grip on your new product, they offer one-on-on tutorials for gadget owners. You don’t have to stress yourself with confusing manuals, they will get your gadget set-up and working in no time.

 KnowHow Service Team:

The opening hours of the service team are as listed above, these are on weekdays between 8am to 8pm, on saturdays 9am to 6pm, and finally on sundays 10am to 5pm. KnowHow is unusual for a call service in that it has people working on sundays to handle service issues and calls which is particularly handy when you need technical support or to book a delivery and installation in a hurry.

KnowHow Sales Team:

The KnowHow sales team is open at exactly the same time as the service team. The hours are also 8am to 8pm weekdays, 9am to 6pm on saturdays and sundays from 10am to 5pm. So ring this service if you’d like to make a purchase on any of their services located on their website.

 Troubleshooting KnowHow Mobile Internet Broadband

If you’re facing internet connection issues, try reinstalling the modem drivers:

  • Click Begin at the bottom left of the screen.
  • Type Device Manager in the start search box and press “Enter”.
  • Search for 3G modem in the list.
  • If the 3G modem is listed, right click on it and choose ‘Uninstall”.
  • Right click any device in the list and click scan for hardware changes.
  • Try connecting to the internet again.

What KnowHow Covers on Insurance

  • Computers, including Windows, OS X, Chromebooks, Android, Tablets, eReaders, Laptops, Desktops, Ultrabooks and Netbooks
  • Flat Panel TVs, including small screen, Plasma, LCD, LED, Smart TV and 3D
  • DVD and Blu-ray players
  • Home theatre audio kits
  • AV / Home Cinema cabling, such as HDMI
  • Digital Cameras
  • Set Top Boxes
  • Digiboxes
  • Camcorders
  • MP3 Players
  • Hi-Fi and Audio systems
  • Games Consoles
  • Streaming Media devices, such as Apple TV and Boxee
  • Home phones (DECT phones)
  • Sat Nav systems

Services Offered by KnowHow

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