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Dial Npower customer service number to chat with Npower representatives about anything to do with balances and enquiries to policies, the best deals and so on. The Npower phone number is active between 8am and 8pm seven days a week. The Npower number is the primary contact number for all issues and customer service enquiries. The number is also the same for emergencies in which the standard operating times don’t apply, so dial the same number 24 hours a day 7 days a week in emergencies using the Npower number today.

Npower Contact Number
0870 218 3770

Npower is one of the most famous businesses in the United Kingdom. The firm supplies gas and electricity to millions of businesses and homes in and around the region, making Npower contact a demand for many. The firm is known for its low cost tariffs and objectives to supply the greatest quality of petrol and electrical service to customers. Npower objectives to supply over 10% of the overall energy in the UK and supplies energy to more than 5 million people and business owners.

The tips below will provide you with in depth info about Npower, and will summarize the services that that it now supplies to its customers. We’ll also have a look at the energy preserving options that it supplies, while also taking a look at the methods that Npower can be contacted by you if you want to do so.

History of Npower

Npower initially started out as Innogy Ltd. back in the year 2000. When the German utility company took over it the first company began to shift. It was at that time when it would be transformed into one of the leading energy firms in the UK. After receiving a boost from a 19% investment into the business referred to as Telecom Plus, npower would go on to becomes one of the huge six energy suppliers in the United Kingdom. In recent times, Npower has regressed in the UK marketplace, and Npower gripes are more frequent. However, the company remains one of the leading energy providers.

Npower Customer Service Contact Information

Npower offers a variety of ways in which to get in touch with them if you’ve any questions, or issues with the service they supply. In addition they offer quite a few different ways for customers to match the most recent advice. One approach is through a website they offer. Another is to view their YouTube and social media upgrades. Then you definitely can perform so by simply telephoning them on their helpline, if you wish to start Npower contact in the kind of customer support. If you have Npower complaints contact the Npower complaints team using this same number.

Feel free to phone the company with almost any question or dilemma that would need you to talk to an operator that can provide immediate support. There is a ‘contact us’ form that’s available on the help page of the company website. That sort provides the choice to contact Npower customer services by email. Email can be a viable contact choice sometimes, although the response time will not be a lot faster than phone contact. Social media contact is also on choice for general questions.

Npower Telephone Number for Services

Npower offers a wide selection of different services to its customers, including distinct pay packages and pay tariffs that are distinct. Additionally, there are pay as you go strategies that may be used with a key and payments meters that you top up in a store. Additionally, there are contracts accessible with their services. Dialing the Npower contact number supplied here can obtains info about the various tariff options. Quotes and rate advice can be obtained from the Npower customer service staff that you speak to. Current customers who are not under contract can change services if they wish.

NPower is a company that’s grown and expanded into one of the biggest energy firms in the united kingdom over the years. The reasons why it truly is so popular is because it offers extremely cheap tariffs which are extremely competitive with the other energy businesses which are being offered. However, there are some Npower grievances that are related to service quality. Because of this, it’s best to contact Npower customer services to ask questions about the services supplied. If you would like additional information, call the NPower phone number supplied here. Agents can offer you information about more, tariffs, and services. Call Npower now on 0870 218 3770 to speak to a customer service representative.