Southern Electric 0870 218 3836

Southern Electric 0870 218 3836

As the UK’s biggest generator of renewable energy, Southern Electric supplies access to utilities that are significant to companies and houses. While the name suggests that gas and electricity services are supplied, in actuality they offer customers many added services. Customers have access to telephone but also to not only energy options, broadband, and other house services that are useful. To find out more on these services, phone the Southern Electric contact number supplied here.

The firm also prides itself on creating more energy from sources like water and wind, which are two replaceable, clean, and efficient, sources of energy. They may be always working with business and consumers to help enhance efficiency, lower energy bills and reduce carbon emissions.

Southern Electric Contact Number
0870 218 3836
for customer services

Southern Electric Contact Details

Southern Electric DepartmentContact Number
Southern Electric General Enquiries0870 218 3836
Southern Electric Gas & Electricity General0345 026 2658
Southern Electric Gas & Electricity Emergency0800 111 999
Southern Electric Phone & Broadband General Enquiries0870 218 3836
Southern Electric Phone & Broadband Complaint0345 071 9890
Southern Electric Home Services General Enquiry0870 218 3836
Southern Electric Home Services Switch Supplier0345 076 7645
Southern Electric Home Services Installation Help0345 076 7648
Southern Electric Home Services Moving Home Gas & Electricity0345 071 7991
Southern Electric Home Services Moving Home Phone & Broadband0345 071 9626
Southern Electric Accessibility General Enquiries0345 071 9657
Southern Electric Water General Enquiries0870 218 3836
Scottish Hydro0870 218 3836
SSE0345 026 2658
Mainline0345 026 0656
SSE Southern Electric0345 026 2658

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Southern Electric Telephone Number 0870 218 3836

There are some possible difficulties that can arise with regards to accounts. It can occasionally take some time when transferring from another company to receive energy service, and up to three weeks to establish new service. Billing statement questions are not unusual and should be directed to Southern Electric customer service. Through SSE contact, you can review any bills recorded in your monthly bill statement. Added account help is available when you contact SSE, such as more, password recovery, information updates, and payments help.

Southern Electric Contact 0870 218 3836

SSE plc is one of Scotland’s energy boards that are crucial. It’s first incarnation was as the North of Scotland Hydro-Electric Board in the war years of the early 1940s, eventually uniting with the Southern Electricity Board which was founded in the post-war 1940s. Scotland’s location being established by one of the polar bodies as an energy company, the SSE’s infrastructure that is modern is part of an enduring legacy that is national. A substantial purchaser of electricity and gas, the firm is not unmindful in sourcing much of its raw energy from national sources. Privatised in the late 1990s, the firm continues to be subject to public supervision. Presently turning its focus to Scotland’s possibility for renewable energy development, SSE plc now remains a vital part of the modern Scottish nation.

Southern Electric Customer Service 0870 218 3836

There are several alternatives available for Southern Electric contact. The business may also respond to e-mails, and generally, posts to their social media accounts. Calling the Southern Electric contact number during standard business hours is advised for most questions and issues, but more serious problems, including service outages, should be reported when they happen – regardless of the time of night or day.

In case of crises, their support system and Southern Electric customer service are fairly open. It’s always advisable to check all the plans thoroughly prior to subscribing to help prevent any problems or mistakes ahead of time relating to plan details. A strategy which may be good for your neighbor mightn’t be good for you. It’s a good idea to know about the services you want, so which you can get the plan most suitable to your particular scenario and you. Their customer care support can help you in this aspect.

Southern Electric Phone Number 0870 218 3836

There are several landline and broadband bundles to cover information needs and various phoning. In case you are a prospective new customer who’d like to find out more about the choices that are available, phone the SSE contact number recorded here. If you select to achieve that sSE customer service will be able to help you to setup new service.

There are several house heat options accessible on offer too by Southern Electric. Through using smart meters that are advanced, users can assess how they’ve spent it, and only how much energy use they’ve expended.

Naturally, the above services are in addition to the energy options the business keeps on supplying. The affordable energy strategy is named the SSE 1 Year Repaired and is significantly lower priced than many of the other choices available out there. The Normal strategy features one simple cost with no commitment or contract with Southern Electric. It’s an excellent choice for those seeking a simple system with no duties connected with contracts. The smart meter feature conveniently lets you keep track of all your energy use rather readily.

People seeking an one stop solution to their energy needs will probably need to give some thought to Southern Electric. Calling the Southern Electric contact number is the finest method to find out more about the services offered, together with the prices for those services. Existing customers can commence Southern Electric contact at any time to receive support for services or their present account. SSE contact can be found via one or more contact procedures at all times.

SSE Combines Scottish HydroElectric and Southern Electric to make Scottish and Southern Energy (SSE)

With nearly ten million customers, SSE is one of the biggest utility/energy businesses in the UK. SSE is the umbrella name for several energy businesses who run throughout the UK, these include: Southern Electric, SWALEC and Atlantic Energy & Gas. Of these trading businesses Southern Electric is definitely the most well-known brand. They compete against other energy companies to furnish gas and electricity to residences in London and right across South East, South West and the South. Southern Electric’s symbol is two intertwined flames, one blue the other green.

5 fascinating facts about Southern Electric

1) PRODUCING ENERGY – Southern Electric produce most of the energy from coal (54%). They just generate 1% of their energy from nuclear sources. This is in stark contrast to EDF, who’ve nuclear plants across the country, and are constructing a brand new nuclear power plant at Hinckley Point: the Hinckley Point C nuclear power station.

2) SUSTAINABLE SOURCES – Despite their reliance on coal as a wellspring of generating energy, the SSE group claim that they make more energy than some other energy business in the British Isles from wind and water. They’re also constructing a street, the Greenwatt Manner, which will be powered by renewable energy. The Greenwatt way job, whose Twitter handle is @GreenWatt Way, consists of ten houses in Slough, Berkshire that make zero carbon, and are lived in by Southern Electric staff.

3) THE REPUBLIC OF IRELAND – In 2008 Southern Electric enlarged their wind farm sector by buying a wind farm in Ireland called Airtricity. Airtricity trade under the Southern Electric brand and have adopted the green and blue fire logo, they boast 20% of the market in the Rebublic of the North and Ireland.

4) CABLES – Beneath our feet there are 49,626 kilometers of Southern Electric cables. If these were to be placed in a row they would stretch 1/10 of the way to the moon. There are also of Southern. Electric cables above ground km 27,173

5) MOBILES AND BROADBAND – Southern Electric have recently expanded their operations into the broadband and mobile businesses. You will also need to pay line rental of £ 15 a month, although their ‘talk anytime plus’ telephone bundle is £7 per month for all calls to landline telephones. This deal comprises half price calls.

The best way to subscribe to Paperless bills?

Choose “Your Accounts” and choose the choice that is “paperless” under the “Statement Kind”.

You will need to log into your online account.

Visit “ click and Your Service” on gas or electricity account.

Input click and your meter reading .

The best way to change my email for my future bills?

It is possible to alter your email address?

Log in to your own Southern Electric account.

Visit “About you”.

If I will be moving to new address, when will I receive my final bill?

If the meter readings have been submitted by you to Southern electric support team you may receive the invoice within 7 to 10 days.

How to proceed if my meter box is broken?

The firm will be responsible to install a fresh meter or get it fixed if the meter is busted by any business tech. It is possible to contact the Southern Electrical customer care amount mentioned previously to get your meter fixed. If you break the meter, then the firm is not going to cause its repairs.

Southern Electric Complaints

The OFGEM (the UK energy business regulatory body) clampdown on the enormous 6 in response to the huge volume of customer complaints culminated in a 10.5 million pound fine for SSE – the parent company of Southern Electric – in 2013. The complaints against the huge 6 energy businesses, which peaked in 2011 with 4 million complaints against them, ranged from miss-selling to awful customer service, especially over the phone.

The grievances which led to OFGEM fining Southern Electric 10.5 million pounds – a record fine levied by OFGEM on an UK energy business – contained:

Swearing customers if they switched to Southern Electric, when they really ended up paying more money would be saved by them
Not explaining the terms and conditions of contracts
Incredibly long phone queues to the customer complaints scheme
Not compensating customers who’d paid on their statements
Mis-selling of conditions and the provisions of energy contracts by Southern Electric sales teams both over the telephone and door to door
In order redress a few of these customer grievances a 5 million pound damages fund was set up by Southern Electric. If you feel you have not been compensated for an overpayment if it happened a couple of years ago, you can contact Southern Electric on this telephone number: 0870 218 3836.

Did you know?

Electricity reductions

An over-payment can be claimed by you even if that underpayment happened a few years ago.

If you feel you have overpaid an energy statement or were miss-sold an energy supply package it is possible to contact your energy supplier. If they don’t respond to your grievance within several weeks it may be worth telephoning OFGEM and asking them to investigate your grievance.

Citizens Advice

If you would like someone to help you lodge your complaint against your energy business the. You are able to see the Citizen’s Advice Bureau. They will give advice to you and assist you to assemble evidence before you phone the energy business. You can find more info at:

Key Contacts

Aside from the emergency phone numbers, which are answered 24 hours a day, Southern Electric’s telephone teams work from 8 am Monday. On its site all of Southern Electric’s telephone numbers are recorded aside from the cardline, which will be the number with which it is possible to phone to make payments, as 0800 free phone numbers.


It is possible to locate the telephone number you must call if you follow the link, below:

The telephone number if you’ve a gas crisis to call is 0800 111 999.

Changing to Southern Electric

Afterward telephone 0870 218 3836 if you would like to change your energy provider to Southern Electric.

Transferring house

If you would like to close your existing Southern Electric account or set up a brand new account at your new residence and are moving house afterward telephone 0870 218 3836.

Meter readings

To give a meter reading for you next bill telephone 0870 218 3836.


You may make payment on 0870 218 3836.

General Enquiries
Care line

If someone you realize, or you, is aged or handicapped you might select to enroll for Care line. This system supplies security measures including passwords for those people who are concerned with additional support and phone security, like Braille for individuals who have a handicap that is documented. By phoning 0870 218 3836 it is possible to enroll for Care line.


Subsequently telephone 0870 218 3836 if you have a gripe about Southern Electric.

Contact Southern Electric today on 0870 218 3836