SSE contact number 0870 218 3776

SSE 0870 218 3776

Call the SSE contact number to speak to a SSE Insurance customer service representative for all SSE customer service departments including SSE complaints and other customer service queries. SSE phone number is open 24 hours 7 days a week for all enquiries.

SSE Contact Number
0870 218 3776
for Customer Services

SSE Contact 0870 218 3776

SSE DepartmentContact Number
SSE General Enquiries0870 218 3776
SSE Emergency Gas Helpline0800 111 999
SSE Gas & Electricity General0870 218 3776
SSE Gas & Electricity Emergency0800 111 999
SSE Phone & Broadband General Enquiries0870 218 3776
SSE Phone & Broadband Complaint0345 071 9890
SSE Home Services General Enquiry0870 218 3776
SSE Home Services Switch Supplier0345 076 7645
SSE Home Services Installation Help0345 076 7648
SSE Home Services Moving Home Gas & Electricity0345 071 7991
SSE Home Services Moving Home Phone & Broadband0345 071 9626
SSE Accessibility General Enquiries0345 071 9657
SSE Water General Enquiries0870 218 3776
Scottish Hydro0870 218 3776
Swalec0870 218 3835
Mainline0345 026 0656
SSE Southern Electric0870 218 3836
SWALEC Address to ContactTY Meridian, Malthouse Ave, CF23 8AU Cardiff

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SSE Contact Number For Tariff Questions, Emergencies & Expert Customer Support

SSE is a company that has been providing the UK market with gas and electricity services for 19 years. When it comes to generation, transmission and distribution of gas and electricity, SSE is a true leader on the marketplace. In the same time, that is why more and more people are looking for the SSE contact number to get their questions answered with expert information.

Although SSE was purchased by the Iberdrola Group, a Spanish group that has been among the global leaders of energy (third in the world), SSE is still known to be a rival to Scottish Power – serving businesses and households with gas and electricity under its old name. Based in Perth, Scotland, this vertically integrated company is the default distribution operator for the Scotland, Southern England but also many other parts in the United Kingdom.

The joint venture occurred in 2009, when the Spanish company ventured with SSE and made a deal to operate under their trading name. With the relatively same SSE contact number and other information, it wasn’t hard for users to get their questions answered and report any possible emergencies.

Basically, there is a SSE contact number for any question, problem or issue that may occur with the gas and electricity networks by SSE in the UK. However, there are a lot of people who aren’t still a part of this network and are wondering why joining it would be a good decision. Below, we are answering that question. Call the SSE Phone number  0870 218 3776

Contact SE 0870 218 3776

You may have heard of the bad reputation that was once present about the SSE contact team, mostly because of their lack of competitiveness, slow loading times and a lot of waiting. When it comes to issues like gas and electricity, we all know that great customer support is a must-have – and bad customer specialists can only lead to contract terminations.

That is what the SSE contact numbers suffered from in the past. However, as of 2014 the entire SSE phone number platform got a face-lift, improving all the glitches and slow loading times in the initial period. This helped SSE to once again stand high and position itself as a true gas and electricity leader that proudly serves millions of people in the UK.

SSE Number 0870 218 3776

Dialing the SSE contact hotline is always a great idea – especially if you are having issues with your gas or electricity services at home. A common example of dialing the SSE phone number is the need of a technical expert or a full customer services team. We all know that gas and electricity are serious things and ones that may lead to potential danger – which is why SSE stands responsible about providing correct information at all times.

The most common scenarios of dialing the SSE contact support team include questions about tariffs, inquiries, monthly payment plans, meter readings but also emergencies that need quick action. The best thing about this is that the SSE phone number is easy to memorize and can be dialed at any time – and the customer support team will always be there to assist.

All you have to do is the exact division SSE contact number and dial it. If you are having an emergency, on the other hand, you can contact SSE at any time of the day or night at 0870 218 3776.

SSE Customer Service Number 0870 218 3776

The ‘warm weather’ discount scheme is among the most popular pieces of information that today’s users need assistance on the phone with. Basically, it all started as a program developed in 2011 by SSE as a way to offer rebates and discounts to customers who are at risk of fuel poverty. However, the entire scheme went mainstream and is now a great option for many people to save up to £140 on their electricity or gas bills month after month.

Another benefit of this program is the fact that it also supports payments on ESA, state pension and other methods. However, it is important to know that not everyone can qualify for the ‘warm weather’ discount scheme and make most of it.

To see if you are the right fit for this scheme, make sure to dial the SSE phone number and talk to some of the gas and electricity support specialists.

SSE Telephone Number 0870 218 3776

Emergencies are treated with utmost attention. There is a SSE phone number that works 24 hours a day and 7 days a week when it comes to gas and electricity emergencies. We all know that both of them are not things that one can control easily – and are aspects in our lives we definitely need (occasional) support with.

If you are having any sort of electricity emergencies, short circuits or damages – you can dial the SSE contact number 0800 001 5400 (when calling from a landline) or 0330 1010 400 (when calling from mobile). Both of the lines work 24/7 available to all users out there.

SSE Complaints 0870 218 3776

For gas emergencies such as leakages or any uncontrolled situations – the best way to react is to always be calm and immediately dial the SSE phone number that is specialized in gas emergencies – 0800 111 999.

Also, know that there is plenty of SSE contact information on their website as well, when it comes to potential gas problems and signs like smelling gas or having a gas leak in your home or business.

If you are experiencing a gas leakage, make sure to open the windows and doors of your home and turn off the gas valve – before you even contact SSE to get your gas problem fixed.

Call SSE 0870 218 3776

If you are interested to know a little more about this company before you decide to dial the SSE contact number, you should know that the structure of this electricity and gas leader includes a number of divisions as well as subsidiaries.

When it comes to its history, SSE dates back to 1998 and the time of its foundation. The board of directors hasn’t been changed despite the sale of the company – just like the management team with Alistair Philips-Davies as the current CEO of the company.

Over the years, the SSE contact line has been rumored to be slow and not that efficient. However, with its complete revamp that occurred a decade ago, there aren’t such reviews anymore and users are always getting the best from the customer support specialists. If you are interested in getting the SSE contact number today for any of your emergencies or questions, you can find the SSE phone numbers for all the different divisions below.

If you want to contact SSE now for general questions and inquiries, all you need is to dial the one and only SSE Customer Service 0870 218 3776.

SSE Contact No. For Boiler Emergencies

Boiler emergencies are another thing that is common nowadays. Luckily, if you are facing them or just want to inform yourself of the proper use of your boiler – you can speak to the customer reps specialized in these issues.

The SSE phone number that leads to the boiler issues team is 0800 001 0072 and works from 8am to 10pm on weekdays and 8:30am to 6pm on Saturdays. If you want to contact SSE and you are based outside the UK, you can always dial the international SSE phone number which is +44 800 027 0072 or +44 345 270 0700.

Dial The SSE Contact Number For Meter Readings

As you probably know so far, all meter readings must be submitted to the SSE quarterly and should begin with your Feed in Tariff (FIT) payments that are sent consecutively after 90 days from your last meter reading. You can still see when your next meter reading is due instead of contacting the SSE phone number – all you need to do is open the Welcome letter that you received when you first subscribed to their services.

Interested in learning more about your meter reading – or scheduling one directly? Dial the SSE phone number 0800 027 0072 and get in touch with their customer support specialists.

Contact SSE Today For Complaints, Help And Customer Services

If you dial 0870 218 3776 today, you are dialing the SSE phone number that is official for customer care, general questions, complaint registration and customer services. On this number, you should expect to get most of your general questions and help desk issues answered – or be transferred to a more specific division. The truth is, most of the reasons why people contact SSE are the electrical issues, meter readings and troubles in connecting, as well as emergencies from time to time. However, you can definitely dial the SSE phone number even if you want to know more about their promotional services or see if you are a great fit to apply for them.

The SSE Phone Number For Complaints

Looking for a SSE complaints number to dial – frustrated by the issues or problems you are having? All you need to do is at first know that SSE is a leading provider of gas and electricity to around 5.2 million customers in the UK – and with that, problems can happen. The best way to report your complaints is to dial the official SSE complaints number – 0870 218 3776 – and talk about your issues with the customer specialists. 

Dial this SSE phone number and you will be redirected to the customer support team that will be able to hear you out and report the problem to the management or service technicians. And if you want to save while contacting the SSE complaints number, you can also call for cheaper and use a 03 number instead. To do that, dial this SSE phone number – 0345 270 0072 – and get everything sorted in a hassle free way.

SSE Contact Number For Tariff Information

There are a lot of people who contact SSE numbers and look for detailed information on the tariffs that SSE offers. If you are one of those people, you can either visit this link and see the results. Or, you can alternatively get a tailored quote with detailed tariff information if you contact the SSE phone number for new customers – 0800 027 7771 available weekdays from 8am to 9pm and Saturday from 9am to 5pm. If you are an existing customer, you can reach the SSE customer support team by dialing the official number 0800 027 0072.

Dial The SSE Phone Number For Different Schemes

There are a lot of benefits in the schemes offered by SSE – however, only a small number of people actually understand them. Luckily, there is a SSE contact number where you can talk to a professional and get your questions answered. If you are not sure what their offers and schemes are all about, you can basically learn all about them with a single phone call. There are many bestselling packages by SSE over the past few years – and one that comes with a free gas safety or energy check each year (based on your plan).

Interested in learning more about the schemes and promotions?

Dial the SSE phone number 0870 218 3776 that is specialized in this matter and make your decision after talking to expert professionals in the field.

Call The SSE Phone Number For Boiler Complaints

As you probably know so far, there is not one SSE phone number that works for every type of issue or problem. If you want to file a complaint to the company about your gas or electricity boiler, you can reach them by calling 0800 027 0072 from the UK or 00443452700700 and 00448000270072 internationally.

Major boiler problems definitely call for quick action – and eventually a visit from a professional engineer after you call 0870 218 3776 and schedule a checkup in your home or office (know that this number isn’t toll-free and costs 5p per minute on average).

Whether you made your complaint or want to make another one, you can contact SSE today and go in detail about your problems.

Want More Ways To Contact SSE?

For all additional information, questions or inquiries that you cannot get through the SSE contact number, you can always write an email and send it to