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SWALEC is the first FTSE 100 company to have been accredited with the Fair Tax Mark. The company is one of the biggest Living Wage employers in the United Kingdom. the now employs over 19,000 individuals and is Many of the current staff are part of the SWALEC customer services team. The business’s investment last year in UK infrastructure exceeded 1 billion pounds, and their annual contribution to the market totals approximately 9 billion pounds. The SWALEC contact number found here can be used to join with a live representative who provide aid and can answer questions.

SWALEC offers several house and business services, including gas, electricity, phone, and broadband internet service. Repairs, installation, and wiring and heating services are available also. The company is also offering new lower gasoline prices starting from March 2016. By ringing the SWALEC phone number, you may be put in contact with tariff pricing information and someone who can supply rate estimates and choices.

SWALEC Contact Number
0870 218 3835
for Customer Services

SWALEC Contact Details 0870 218 3835

SWALEC DepartmentContact Number
SWALEC General Enquiries0870 218 3835
SWALEC Emergency Gas Helpline0800 111 999
SWALEC Gas & Electricity General0870 218 3835
SWALEC Gas & Electricity Emergency0800 111 999
SWALEC Phone & Broadband General Enquiries0870 218 3835
SWALEC Phone & Broadband Complaint0345 071 9890
SWALEC Home Services General Enquiry0870 218 3835
SWALEC Home Services Switch Supplier0345 076 7645
SWALEC Home Services Installation Help0345 076 7648
SWALEC Home Services Moving Home Gas & Electricity0345 071 7991
SWALEC Home Services Moving Home Phone & Broadband0345 071 9626
SWALEC Accessibility General Enquiries0345 071 9657
SWALEC Water General Enquiries0870 218 3835
Scottish Hydro0870 218 3836
SSE0345 026 2658
Mainline0345 026 0656
SSE Southern Electric0345 026 2658
SWALEC Address to ContactTY Meridian, Malthouse Ave, CF23 8AU Cardiff

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SWALEC Customer Services 0870 218 3835

Whether request support, you should ask a question, or submit a grievance, the SWALEC customer service team is there to help. The representative will try to solve the issue during the first call. But if they’re unable to, it will be escalated to a a manager who will conclude the grievance by 8pm on the next working day or a specialist team. Along with the SWALEC phone number, e-mail and social media contact are an option.

Any complaints can be submitted by telephoning the SWALEC customer service number. There is the option to escalate the complaint to the head of the customer service department if a grievance isn’t dealt with right away. Reviews generally take around five business days. In case the answer is unsatisfactory, the Ombudsman can be contacted, and free independent advice is also accessible for those who weren’t pleased with the SWALEC helpline.

The business, owned by energy giant SSE, is one of the most reputable energy providers in the united kingdom and has won customer service awards eight years in a row. SWALEC supplies gasoline and electricity to houses down and up Great Britain and they recently froze their energy prices until 2016.

SWALEC is possessed by SSE, among the six that were huge, and continues to be part of our lives for over 70 years. The firm has grown drastically over the years thanks to some commitment to extraordinary customer service, which is reflected by an eight-year winning streak of customer service awards. SSE SWALEC are dedicated to treating you fairly and giving outstanding customer service to you, assuring to carry out any activities in a fair, honest, transparent, appropriate and professional way. When you contact customer service, you will end up helped economically and quickly.

You can find three main energy tariffs to pick from with SWALEC:

Fixed Price;
SSE Direct;
Addititionally there is a tempting pay as you go energy tariff available, which offers simple and great value energy with no tie-ins or departure fees. An interesting fact about SWALEC is that The Glamorgan County Cricket Ground is sponsored by them, or as it understood, the SWALEC Stadium.

In recent years, SWALEC has made a push toward environmentally friendly energy. This was demonstrated when the firm helped one Welsh family create a super-eco dwelling, which will be the first fully sustainable house of its type in Wales. Frequent SWALEC customers can expect the business to make several eco-minded strides in the coming years. Be sure to contact SWALEC to find out more about how they’re planning to be more eco-friendly.

SWALEC Contact 0870 218 3835

SSE Enterprises is among the top six energy businesses. They offer an incorporated, along with cost effective strategy for complicated energy problems, energy, telecom, and engineering. They help companies with essential challenges regarding energy. Their options extend to train as good as energy, utilities, telecom, metering, contracting. In addition they offer their support for warming demands of residential places.

SWALEC supplies yearly boiler covers with wishes heat for houses. They receive six months of free cover when someone orders this service. Repairmen are accessible for boiler repairs should the demand arise, if one doesn’t want to choose an annual contract. Receive a substantial reduction, together with setup and a smart thermostat free of charge and customers can select to update their present boiler. SWALEC customer service can provide more info on this offer to you.

There are boiler and heat options accessible as well, to keep customers warm and safe in their own house. The setup service is free generally, and the repair services ensure your house functions correctly during winters. These meters help users to understand just how they’re spending their energy. Thus, energy is used or whether it relates to understanding the data equilibrium, smart meters help more energy is saved by users.

SWALEC Telephone Number 0870 218 3835

The phone and broadband services that are offered come in four different subscription based packages. SWALEC customer services can help with recommendations that are based on the user’s conditions and needs. The company focuses on being as green as possible, when asking for advice about services and customers will notice their commitment to this. The broadband plans are comparatively inexpensive, beginning at less as twenty pounds per month. The landline telephone packages are affordable too. Dial the SWALEC number to request rate information.

Contact SWALEC for Service Changes

SWALEC customer services can help if you need to shift your energy supplier. Shifting from one service provider to another does need a waiting period, but notice that this just applies to energy services (not telephone or broadband). There are several tariff options to pick from and you can learn when you use the SWALEC contact number to speak with an agent which one would be the right one for you. The various services on offer ensure that you could benefit from the competitive costs supplied by the corporation. Contact SWALEC to learn more.

Further Information about SWALEC

Swalec Gas and Electric Suppliers, (South Wales Electricity) are gasoline and electricity providers to customers in the UK.

Welsh Water for £872m later obtained them. South Wales Electricity currently employ over 20,000 workers across the UK and run development programmes aimed at school leavers apprentices, graduates and, trainees.

Swalec are the UK’s largest generator of renewable energy. They are committed to providing renewable and sustainable energy to customers across the UK and are now in the process of construction the worlds biggest offshore wind farm in conjunction.

Swalec supply many services other than electrical and gas. In addition they offer their customers mobile and broadband bringing the net to thousands of dwellings, so call contact number that is Swalec now and see how much you can save with us. Wiring and heating services can also be provided, keeping and fitting everything from boilers to full gas and central heating systems, all the while being committed to award winning customer service.

Contact Swalec on the numbers supplied to take advantage of some amazing deals, and help the enviroment at exactly the same time, phone the Swalec contact number and speak to one of our friendly customer service advisors.

South Wales electricity are also a committed sponsor of sports in Wales. The SWALEC cup, the WRU and the Swalec leagues are supported by the energy suppliers and will remain supported through to 2015.

Where some large international fixtures have actually helped set Welsh cricket on the map they’re also sponsors of Glamorgan’s cricket ground for the last five years. So if you want to help Welsh local sports, and get a great deal on your Gas and Electric at the exact same time be amazed and then call the Swalec Contact Number.

The government have affirmed that all recently constructed dwellings in England must be zero carbon dwellings. They’ve constructed a total of ten zero carbon residences in Slough as Swalec Gas and Electricity are dedicated to green energy,. If you might have any questions please phone the contact number that is Swalec and speak to one of our trained customer service advisers. The endeavor has been named “Greenwatt Way” This is done with the intention of better understanding energy consumption in the home in order to help attain these targets.

SWALEC Boiler Cover

Swalec runs a system of heating, electricity and boiler cover called “Shield” which protects all their utilities systems and helps keep the home warm, no matter what happens. Electrical wiring your boiler and central heating heating will all be covered with care and breakdown cover, and depending on the amount of cover you opt for, Shield offers annual services, plus endless call outs and parts at no extra price.

You do need to be a gas or electricity customer for Swalec to supply Shield cover for the house – simply phone them and request. A boiler failure can be among the worst house disasters that are possible leaving you At worst causing a fire, a flood, or an explosion.

Call SWALEC today on 0870 218 3835

SWALEC is a reputable and consumerfocused electricity dealer with a extensive variety of fuel and powertariffs to be had. they’re also devoted to the environment and offer customers a wealth of advice on livinggreen, with advice that covers family insulation, electricity efficiency, feed-in price lists, plus plenty more. if you are considering switching to SWALEC, read our electricity business enterprise switching guide earlier than you do so.

it’s also vital to say that in the length 2015-2016, SSE, SWALEC’s determine business enterprise, generated 37 in keeping with cent of its power from renewable electricity sources, beating the 19.3 consistent with cent average within the united kingdom.

SWALEC are also a reliable electricity supplier, and they do offer competitive charges. In 2017, SWALEC is anticipated to drop fees on its power price lists by means of 2-4 in step with cent. SSE SWALEC also caters to businesses. They offer mechanical and electric contracting and multi-application solutions in addition tobusiness strength supply. you are welcome to touch SWALEC to speak about your business electricity wishes, whether you require fuel, energy or both. SWALEC also can assist your enterprise to turn out to be extrastrength green, with the aid of putting in new energygreen lighting fixtures systems and smart meters to help you lessen strength intake.

SWALEC is owned via SSE – one of the huge six – and has been part of our lives for over 70 years. The employer has grown notably over the years thanks to a commitment to high-quality customer service, that’s ponderedby using an eight12 months prevailing streak of customer support awards. SSE SWALEC are committed to giving brilliant customer support and to treating clients pretty, promising to perform any movements in a truthful, honest, transparent, appropriate and professional way. while you contact SWALEC customer support, you will be helped swiftly and efficiently.

There are 3 fundamental power tariffs to pick from with SWALEC:

fixed fee;
SSE Direct;
there may be additionally a tempting pay-as-you-move electricity tariff to be had, which gives simple and splendid cost electricity with out a tie-ins or exit expenses. An exciting truth about SWALEC is that they sponsor The Glamorgan County Cricket floor, or because it’s now regarded, the SWALEC Stadium.

In latest years, SWALEC has made a push closer to environmentally-friendly electricity. This was proven when the organisation helped one Welsh family create a superb-eco home, that’s the first absolutely sustainable residence of its kind in Wales. everyday SWALEC clients can count on the company to make some of eco-minded strides inside the coming years. make sure to touch SWALEC to find out more approximately how they’re planning to be greener.