The ACAS and the Collective Conciliation Services it Offers

If you are a UK-based employer or worker, you may already be familiar with the ACAS. The The Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service provides a full range of products and services for its member organisations, from conciliation and conflict resolution to lists of best practices to recommendations for disciplinary procedures and hiring processes. This comprehensive list of services means the ACAS is able to reduce costs for UK-based employers, ease the strain on the Employment Tribunal and help the entire UK economy run more smoothly and efficiently.

In addition to its other products and services, the ACAS also offers collective conciliation, a process designed to help UK-based employers and worker representatives reach a suitable agreement whenever a workplace conflict arises.

By working with trade unions and other employee representatives, the ACAS seeks to resolve workplace conflicts at their earliest stages, before they have a chance to spiral out of control and make resolution far more difficult. It is easy to understand the value of these services, and the vital role ACAS plays in UK society.

The collective conciliation services The Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service offers are as extensive as they are flexible. Among the areas covered are worker pay and salary disputes, employment terms and conditions, employment contracts and job duties. Over the course of an average year, The Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service resolves more than 800 such cases, easing the strain on the Employment Tribunal, lowering costs for UK-based employers and helping business owners and their employees overcome obstacles and avoid misunderstandings.

In addition to its work with individual employees and UK-based employers, the ACAS also helps trade unions and other employer advocacy organisations negotiate more effectively. Through mediation and conflict resolutions, the ACAS helps those organisations create effective mediation policies and provide members of their staffs with the resources they need. The ACAS even provides trade union personnel with access to accredited training programs, so they can get certified as internal mediators and aid in the resolution of future workplace conflicts.

By utilizing the experience and expertise they have gathered throughout the years, the ACAS seeks to provide more complete information on common workplace conflicts and their past resolutions. By building this comprehensive database, the ACAS is able to use its past experience to resolve future conflicts in the fairest way possible.

The ACAS uses the evidence it has gathered over the years to prevent workplace conflicts from occurring. Just as importantly, that expertise allows the ACAS to resolve conflicts when they do arise, helping UK-based employers avoid costly and time-consuming litigation through the Employment Tribunal.

In addition to relying on past conflicts and building a database of their resolutions, the ACAS also seeks to identify emerging employment issues for UK-based companies. The world of employment and employment law is always changing, and the ACAS tries to stay ahead of the curve, giving its member organisations the tools and resources they need to identify the most significant threats to their operations and the happiness and efficiency of their workforces. From the past to the future, the The Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service provides a comprehensive list of services for UK-based employers, giving business owners and their workers one less thing to worry about. Read more about ACAS here.

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