uk border agency contact number 0870 280 6354

UK Border Agency 0870 280 6354

Call the UK Border Agency, now known as the Visas and Immigration service, in order to speak to a UK Border Agency customer service representative for all border agency enquiries including visas and immigration services as well as settlement, operations and other border queries. The UK Border Agency contact number is open Monday to Thursday, 9am to 5pm, Friday 9am to 4:30pm for all enquiries.

UK Border Agency Contact Number
0870 280 6354
for Customer Service

UK Border Agency Contact Details

Contact MethodContact Number
UKBA Phone Number0870 280 6354
UK Visas and Immigration Phone Number0870 280 6354
UK Border Agency telephone Number0870 280 6354
Address to Contact2 Marsham St, London SW1P 4DF

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UK Border Agency Contact 0870 280 6354

The UK Border Agency was created in 2008 and is the border patrol agency of the United Kingdom administered by the UK Government. It contains several departments concerned with immigration, settlement, operations, visas and the enforcement of immigration law, settlements and international operations concerning border patrols and assistance. Each department specialises in different responsibilities and the UK Border Agency contact number will allow you to connect to a customer service agent who will direct you to the right professional to assist with your query. So call their number now on 0870 280 6354 UK Border Agency Contact Number and get assistance with your query. Though keep in mind it’s now called the UK Visas & Immigration Agency, UKVI for short.

The UK Visas and Immigration Agency is one of the most vital governmental authorities in the UK. They are laden with the task of granting permission to individuals or bodies who have the permission to be in the UK. This body is responsible for managing the visa system in the UK; they are responsible for issuing visas to foreign individuals, firms or business groups seeking to have roots in the UK by means of citizenship.

The UKVI phone lines are always on a hot trail due to calls from all over the world with people who have various enquiries to make, like:

• to run the UK’s visa administration, overseeing around 3 million applications a year from abroad nationals who wish to go to the UK to visit, study or work
• to oversee requests from international individuals who have been unsuccessful in obtaining visas
• to consider applications for British citizenship from citizens abroad who wish to settle here temporarily or forever
• to run the United Kingdom’s refuge administration offering security to those qualified under the Geneva Convention
• to choose applications from business or educative foundations who wish to join the register of foreign sponsors.

Use the UK Border Agency phone number to find out more about these.

The UKVI offer more services beyond just visas, there some more services like:

• Landing in the UK
Helping a foreigner ease into the UK, experiencing the new traditions and moving their things.
• Asylum
The UKVI helps refugees assert refugee claims, through the asylum procedure and the aftermath.
• Securing visas for visits
Helps you secure visas for family and relatives if you intend to visit the UK for a few months.
• Secure permanent stay visas
The UKVI is responsible for granting visas to applicants considering all their credentials are correct
• Settle in the UK
If you intend to move over to the UK permanently, the UKVI are on hand with their offer for indefinite leave to remain (ILR)
• Support business owners and students
They offer Licenses and authentications of sponsorship to business, college and university aspirants.
• Stateless
The UKVI can offer you the option to stay in the UK to stateless individuals.
• Tourist and short stay visas
They allow visas for individuals who wish to enter in to the UK for a short duration.
• Travel visas
Contact UK Border Agency for more, they grant a sort of clearance to travelling individuals to travel whether by air, land or sea in and out of the UK.

Obviously, the United Kingdom Visas and Immigration agency is a very delicate and important body in the UK. Most times, the quality of services they deliver to foreigners set the tune for both countries to form a friendship, in form of a partnership which leads to both countries benefitting from each other in the nearest future. The UK Border Agency number is 0870 280 6354.

UK Visas and Immigration 0870 280 6354

Like any other nation, the United Kingdom has laws and edges that all possible visitors and potential migrants need to respect and adhere to. The UKBA, or the United Kingdom Border Agency, is the governmental division that reviews applications from those seeking entrance into the united kingdom. Thus, if you’ve any continuing company with the UKBA, then you definitely should process it with the UKVI, or the current UK Visas and Immigration.

Instead of information or an UKBA contact number, what you must get is the UKVI contact information. If you desire to apply for an UK Visa for residency, study or work, then you should contact their office via telephone at 08702806354.

If you’re a foreign citizen or European already in the united kingdom and would like to contact UKVI (once UKBA) to enquire about British citizenship, then call them at 08702806354. This helpline is open from 9am-5pm Mondays-Thursdays and from 9am-4:30pm on Fridays. Applications on citizenship and naturalization are generally processed within 6 months upon filing.

If you would like to contact the UK Visa and Immigration (UKVI previously UKBA) contact centre to enquire about your visa, immigration or residency in the united kingdom, then contact them on 08702806354.
Then contact them via fax at 0151 213 2909 if you want to contact UKVI with regards to the Turkish European Community Association Agreement to enquire about applications. Include your name, date of birth and visa reference number (in case you already have one).
You can also send a post to:

ECAA team,
Department 67,
UK Immigration and Visas,
PO BOX 306,
L2 0QN,
United Kingdom.

If you would like to request subject accessibility, or request your personal info from UKVI, then use the forms found here: After you have completed these forms you should send them to UKVI’s information request address:

Subject Access Request Component,
UK Immigration and Visas,
Lunar House,
40 Wellesley Road,
CR9 2BY,
United Kingdom.

If you know of one or are witness to an immigration crime call Immigration Enforcement on 08702806354. You may also pick to contact the authorities at 999 if it’s an emergency. You may also use the online contact form here:

Agency Concerns

The 0870 280 6354 UK Border Agency Contact Number can direct you to a highly proficient member of the UK Border Agency, for all the dilemmas and concerns about:

  • Info on different UK visas
  • Living and working in UK for EU and EEA citizens
  • Asking or applying for UK visa or requesting in UK
  • Reporting someone whom you consider living in UK or breaking immigration rules
  • Reporting swindlers or impostors who may be promising to be UK Home Office and/or making fake visas

Considering studying in the UK?

Phone the number supplied in this website by bizcontactnumber to ask about the way you can handle with your plans to study in the British state. Although you are outside of UK, you can still understand the requirements that you truly need for your application. Concerning whether you can use visa or maybe an authorization to travel or stay in the state to complete your schooling discover your choices. If you must extend your working visa and are now working in UK, call 0870 280 6354 UK Border Agency Contact Number. By contacting them, you’ll be given the info you need to get the files that are vital and get permission to prolong or re apply your working visa. The agency also holds power over cases that involve non residents getting married.

UK Border Agency has over 23,000 workers in 120 different countries around the world. The powers of UK Border Agency contain deportation of foreign nationals from UK immigration powers and bureau of Customs powers powers. It was in 2003 when the close down of the Border Agency happened because it incompetently and badly ran. It was disbanded into two sub agencies – one dealing with VISA and the other is about immigration law enforcement.

UK Border Agency Opening Hours

The UK Border Agency Customer Services Phone Number is available from Mondays to Thursday 9am to 5pm and Fridays 9am to 4:30pm.

UK Employment Visas

Millions of people visit UK all year round and huge amounts of it aren’t simply there for a holiday that is straightforward. Pools of travelers arrive in UK with the intention of long term stay and a specific visa will need to be issued. Enormous amounts of individuals can be exempted from the visa procedure for others they are required to apply. If you’re a member of a rising state then you need to file an application with the UK Border Agency while you are still in your nation. With this, you can get an application number and then you must submit your documents from there. In case you are coming to UK for work, you’ll need to use working visa that’s an alternate procedure. You and you will need documentation and many other bits of paperwork, respectively. This is more complicated than the normal application and to completely comprehend it, you must phone the UK Border Agency customer services telephone number on 0870 280 6354.

Since an extremely strict procedures and guidelines run in regards to letting folks reside in UK for long term basis, there will be instances where your application is denied. In this event, there is a process for appeal. If you believe you is valid and should have been approved, then telephone the UK Border Agency customer services number using the number provided by biz contact number here. They could join you straight to the correct customer support, while the team will not directly take care of the criticism on this number.

Dealing with Shelter through UK Border Agency

Shelter is a very sensitive subject and need to be handled. Many individuals from nations in the middle of battle and other appearance for shelter in UK dreaming about their destiny may change and they can run from the domination in their state. Because of the enormous variety of bogus shelter claims that have fell through online in UK, the process for this is meticulous. If you consider yourself to apply for shelter in UK, call 0870 280 6354 UK Border Agency Contact Number. There are many demands your future guest may need to honor and you can figure out what exactly they need if you give UK Border Agency phone number a ring.

If you are a foreign student or tourist to the UK and you desire to know more about your status in the nation, you can go visit the UK Border Agency webpage. However, if you queries never have been answered yet, feel free to contact UK Border Agency customer service for a rapid response and solution to your problem. Biz contact number is very happy to help and serve all UK and non-UK residents when getting in contact with UK Border Agency. Simply telephone the 0870 280 6354 UK Border Agency Contact Number to get answers to all your queries and concerns.

In the event that you at present live in Great Britain, however have moved here from Europe or further away, UKBA contact with a counselor is prescribed. There is a devoted helpline that is accessible Monday through Thursday, from 9-5pm. On Fridays, it is just accessible until 4:30pm. The contact number appeared here is the one that you have to call in the event that you have inquiries concerning the advance of a visa application or you require guidance on migration and residency laws. Citizenship and naturalization entries may likewise be enquired about, yet do know that they take around six months to be totally handled.

Notwithstanding the UKBA telephone number, the individuals who need to contact the office can send an email by method for the HMRC site. Live visit is additionally an alternative on the site, however take note of that there is a charge for selecting to utilize this administration. The UK Border itself does not have a dynamic online networking page, but rather HMRC does. On the off chance that you need to endeavor UKBA contact by means of online networking, the HMRC accounts on Facebook and Twitter would be the best alternatives.