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Utility Warehouse is an all in one utility company offering an individual statement for all energy, phone, broadband and mobile services bundles into one tidy package, allowing only an individual invoice, simplifying the whole process of getting needed utilities and making budgeting easier than ever before. The company current has its headquarters in London, and offers utilities to many areas throughout the united kingdom. Utility Warehouse contact is counseled for current and would-be customers that have questions or are in need of aid.

Utility Warehouse Contact Number
0870 218 3764

History of Utility Warehouse

Utility Warehouse has been the brand that was operating for Telecom Plus since then, and was launched in 2002 to bring all the services of Telecom Plus into one brand. In the year 2006 Utility Warehouse entered into an arrangement with Npower that sold two subsidiary companies to Npower while granting Utility Warehouse petrol and electricity from Npower. Utility Warehouse bought back the two subsidiary companies for 218 million pounds in 2013, making Utility Warehouse one of the biggest independent energy suppliers in the UK, having over 500,000 customers and 770,000 energy supply points. Contact Utility Warehouse to learn more.

Utility Warehouse were a comparatively new version of utility company. They’ve built a brand on being able to provide one supplier for all their utilities to customers. Including Broadband, Residence Phone, Cellular, Gas and Electricity in one single bill. Utility Warehouse don’t have any shops and chiefly depend on word of mouth and reputation to market the brand. Since forming they’ve won prestigious awards in their area.

Providing electricity and gas, alongside broadband, landline communications and mobile phone services to more than 550,000 homes and companies in the United Kingdom, Telecom Plus plc was founded in 1996 Utility Warehouse. and trades as the It truly is now a significant player in this nation’s energy market and has its headquarters and warehouse in North London.

Utility Warehouse Customer Service 0870 218 3764

Utility Warehouse offers a discount club for its current customers in addition to affordable prices on energy, heat, home telephone, broadband internet, and mobile phone service. The firm also has top of the line customer service, which can be reached by dialing the Utility Warehouse contact number provided here. A large support staff allows customers to get in contact and solve issues quickly and economically in order to minimize dissatisfaction with its services. Utility Warehouse uses separate distributors in order to gain customers rather than relying on ads that could wind up costing more than they bring in.

Services Offered by Utility Warehouse 0870 218 3764

Utility Warehouse offers economies for life on energy, with the most affordable variable tariffs available from other providers, if any of the Big 6” suppliers that are “ lower theirs offering to lower costs. For the newest tariff information, call the Utility Warehouse phone number posted here. There is also a mobile phone plan starting as low as 8 pounds monthly, offering funding control attributes allowing you to keep track of how much you spend on your cellular and preventing any unwanted costs alongside not raising costs during your contract, a reduced bill at the end of your contract, and the ability to change strategies at any time even when under contract.

On top of that, Utility Warehouse also offers top of the line Broadband internet with unlimited downloads and a free wireless router including a home phone line with more low-cost local, national, or cellular calls and free evening and weekend calls to UK landlines or free calls to any other Utility Warehouse landline or cellular telephone at any time. There is also a Cash Back card feature within a discount club, catching savings for any Utility Warehouse customer from thousands of the biggest shops in the UK that can enable customers to get up to 25% cash back on their Utility Warehouse as they do their day-to-day shopping from any shop partnered with Utility Warehouse. To apply for a card, call the Utility Warehouse contact number recorded here.

Utility Warehouse Complaints 0870 218 3764

If any problems or issues appear with any of the offered services or any account attributes, call Utility Warehouse customer service.

You can also request to speak with someone from the Utility Warehouse customer services team who can refer you to a company supervisor or specialist if a dilemma isn’t handled as fast as you’d like. Utility Warehouse also offers special help and guidance sections that will let you know what to do if none of the aforementioned alternatives help to resolve your problem regardless of what part of the business your problem may be in, from energy to broadband and phone along with the cash back card. Calling the Utility Warehouse contact number provided here is step one to getting your issues taken care of.

There are plenty reasons to contact Utility Warehouse, from learning more about tariff savings on all utilities, to the cash back offers which can reduce your bill. The Utility Warehouse customer support team that is helpful is there to help. Utility Warehouse offers many award winning features and services that make the lives of its members easier and enabling them to obtain more control over what they pay each month on all invoices. Contact them today to learn more about the products and services offered.

Utility Warehouse Further Details and Bundles

The Utility Warehouse isn’t like most of the other energy providers. It’s a reduction club that relies on personal recommendations from its customers that are happy, rather than traditional media campaigns like newspaper advertisements, radio and TV.

They provide:

Gas & Electricity
Phone Lines
Mobile Phones

The company definitely has a different way of thinking. Along with its policy of not marketing itself there aren’t any high street stores. As a multi-level marketing company, word of mouth is it offers bonuses to those distributors who can recruit new providers and customers and how the word is spread by the Utility Warehouse. Those vendors receive commission and their customers’ so on, down the line, and customers.

With among the greatest customer satisfaction levels for the house telecommunications service, the Utility Warehouse has been ranked despite the unusual marketing strategy and, lately, 93% of customers told a survey that they would urge the business to family and friends.

The Utility Warehouse guarantees to give its customers an award winning service, unbeatable value and the guarantee that switching from a current provider is a straightforward procedure. Actually, the company is convinced that new customers will save money that if that doesn’t occur they promise to refund double the difference. The more services a customer has with the Utility Warehouse, the more income they can save, using reductions for multiple products.

While partnering with Breast Cancer Campaign and Prostate Cancer UK, the Utility Warehouse is aiming to raise £200,000 to help with research and cancer survival.

Contact Utility Warehouse to find out about:

Calls and phone Lines – Upgrade to your wireless service
Mobile Phones – the most recent iPhone and fantastic savings on Cellular Telephones and Android telephones
Contact Utility Warehouse to enquire about your energy prices.
Contact Utility Warehouse to supply several bundle package that is distinct. Included in these are:

Gold Talk
Gold Energy
Double Gold

Utility Warehouse Reviews

In the annual Which? Customer survey, Utility Warehouse came combined fifth out of 22 energy suppliers. Completed the people almost 9,000 Remarks from customers comprise “easy to contact by phone”, “the call centre staff go the extra mile to solve everything”, “clear billing with reasonable pricing”, “broadband service regularly drops out during sessions unlike the preceding supplier” and more. Many opinions are not neutral with some customers reporting a negative encounter.