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Xbox 0870 280 6358

Ring the Xbox support number to speak to an Xbox support representative for all Xbox customer service departments including Xbox complaints and Xbox customer support queries. The Xbox phone number is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a weekif you wish to speak to them about anything from Xbox Live to Xbox Games or specific nuances surrounding the Xbox One or older models.

Xbox Support
0870 280 6358
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Xbox Support Number 0870 280 6358

DepartmentSupport Number
Xbox Phone Number0870 280 6358
Xbox Support0870 280 6358
Xbox Complaints0870 280 6358
Microsoft Phone Number0344 800 2400
Microsoft Customer Service0344 800 2400
Xbox Live Support0870 280 6358
Xbox Australia1800 555 741
Xbox Austria0800 281 360
Xbox Belgium0800 7 9790
Xbox Brazil0800 891 9835
Xbox Ceská republika800 142 365
Xbox Chile1230-020-6001
Xbox Colombia01-800-912-1830
Xbox Denmark80 88 40 97
Xbox France0800 91 52 74
Xbox Germany0800 181 2968
Xbox Greece00800 44 12 8732
Xbox Hong Kong800-96-4215
Xbox India000-800-440-1179
Xbox Ireland1 800 509 186
Xbox Italy800 787614
Xbox Japan0120-220-340
Xbox Korea00368-440-0090
Xbox Magyarország (Hungary)06 80 018590
Xbox Mexico001-866-745-8312
Xbox New Zealand0508 555 592
Xbox Norway800 141 74
Xbox Poland00800 441 17 96
Xbox Portugal800 844 059
Xbox Russia81080020581044
Xbox Saudi Arabia800 8 443 784
Xbox Singapore800-448-1330
Xbox Slovensko0800 004 557
Xbox South Africa800991550
Xbox Spain900 94 8952
Xbox Sweden020 79 1133
Xbox Switzerland0800 83 6667
Xbox Taiwan00801-44-4231
Xbox The Netherlands0800 023 3894
Xbox United Arab Emirates800 0 441 1942
Xbox United Kingdom0870 280 6358
Xbox International direct dial to the United States425-635-7180
Xbox AddressOne Microsoft Way. Redmond, WA 98052-6399


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Xbox Customer Service 0870 280 6358

The Xbox is of course a very famous gaming console produced by Microsoft. Since its introduction, the system has gone through through several different changes with the Xbox, Xbox 360, Xbox Elite, Xbox One and Xbox One S. However each generation does occasionally have its problems, much like the infamous red ring of death of the Xbox 360 first generation. Largely resolved by the rebuild and production of the Xbox Elite (no doubt as a result of the costs of continuous Xbox support for the faults!)

Occasionally you might have problems with your console, and when you do you will need to get in touch with the Xbox customer service team. There are many ways to do this. You can contact the Xbox customer support team using our call connection service on 0870 280 6358 or you may wish to contact the customer support team online.

Xbox Customer Support 0870 280 6358

Support from Microsoft is very helpful, with users getting the results needed in prompt fashion when dialing the Xbox support number. According to our metrics customers spend on average around 9 minutes on calls to Xbox resolving their queries. They rate the customer service as very satisfactory in resolving issues relating to Xbox Live, Xbox One and Xbox Marketplace issues. A lot ring up the Xbox customer service when there are issues particularly around Xbox Live. Sometimes due to a system outage or regional issue – though this isn’t particularly common, it is more often the case of account related issues. If you’d like to contact Xbox customer support relating to a specific model you can use their website.

Xbox Phone Number 0870 280 6358

The Xbox contact number allows you to address all manner of concerns pertaining to your Xbox, whether it is with Xbox Live, the console itself and potential faults, or even unusual enquiries pertaining to Xbox or release dates. The Xbox name refers to a family of gaming consoles that include the Xbox, Xbox 360, Xbox One and graphics (notably the DirectX component) that appeal to gamers who demand the Xbox One. Each of these systems is an improvement over the previous version, with sub versions like the One S and 360 Elite also seeking to improve iterations of the console. But consumers also have to pay more money for the newer models such as the Xbox One, the later versions feature extended game play capabilities, advanced online game play, and brilliant graphics quality for enhanced gaming as well as having more powerful chips for more robust gameplay. Call the Xbox phone number today to get any of your enquiries resolved on 0870 280 6358 or alternatively contact them via their support website at as it’s free. There’s also a free number there that you can use instead of our call connection service.

Xbox Complaints 0870 280 6358

If you have already contacted the Xbox number and are not happy with their resolution, but need more Xbox help you can use the same Xbox customer support to get through to their complaints line, where you can get further assistance in resolving any dispute you may have. They are usually very friendly, having called them ourselves we know they put a lot of emphasis on support care and replacing faulty hardware and systems. Apparently the most common support call is to do with charges on Xbox Live, which would make sense given the online play is the most likely aspect of the Xbox environment to experience issues. Though if it’s a connectivity fault you may be better off contacting your internet or telecom provider in the event of game slowness and so on, otherwise get in touch on the Xbox support phone number to more help.

Xbox One 0870 280 6358

If you need help setting up your games console, getting started with any other Xbox technical support problems, or with Xbox, Xbox UK Customer Services will give you guidance and help on the following topics (this list is not exhaustive):

  • Setting up your Xbox games console and getting started
  • Linking your Kinect detector
  • Xbox Controllers for Xbox 360 and Xbox One
  • Xbox Elite Radio Controls
  • Technical and troubleshooting problems
  • Xbox Live membership and the best way to join
  • The best way to return things that are defective
  • Assessing your guarantee and if it’s still legal
  • If it’s out of guarantee where to get your apparatus fixed
  • Xbox Payments and Bill
  • Assess your payments and your Xbox Live membership
  • Assess your monthly bill strategy
  • Alter your payment method, delete and add cards

Xbox Live 0870 280 6358

Handling your monthly subscription with Xbox Live Gold can be done through the contact number. Xbox Live Gold is a means of purchasing time each month in order to unlock all the awesome features of Xbox Live. However if you do have issues on Xbox Live you can also use this number to report any issues or malfunctions or general blips that do occur within your monthly statement as well. You can use this number to contact Xbox Live in order to update or cancel your Xbox Live subscription too.  Or perhaps you just want to request help when setting up your Xbox Live account. It is possible to get assistance from the Xbox customer support team in creating your Xbox Live profile as well. This includes getting a walk through on how to alter your Xbox Live Gamertag. The Xbox Live team is there to help you in these little tasks, but also to advice on how to purchase various alternatives to Live Gold or to adjust your payment methods if you want to amend or make changes to the way you fund your monthly experience, that is unless of course you just buy Xbox Live Gold packs in store each month.

Xbox Live Account Billing 0870 280 6358

If you’ve experienced an issue with Xbox Live or on the Xbox store you may be eligible for a refund for any purchase that you’ve made online Assess if you’re eligible for a refund for any purchases online you’ve made, you can contact Xbox to query your bill records or to go over any transactions in detail if you notice anything strange on your monthly statement.

Xbox Parental Lock 0870 280 6358

Want to set up Family Security blocks or limitations on the Xbox? These are commonly known as parental locks and they are something that you can set up via the Xbox directly. If you’d like to setup family or parental settings on your own Xbox games console then you could telephone Xbox to speak to someone that can guide you in doing so if you’re having trouble managing it yourself. Learn the way you can shield them using different strategies and lock configurations and about the protection and security of your device and local network. You may also learn about the best way to secure your network. You can call Xbox Live customer support to learn how to take steps prevent any unauthorised access to your account and receive help regarding Xbox Items that are peripheral and addons for your games console – for example how to setup the Kinect and the way to connect an Xbox controller to the Xbox games console or how to setup a brand new headset so that it works with an Xbox.

Xbox Repairs 0870 280 6358

If your Xbox is broken and is in need of a repair it may be under warranty, and so you should ring up the Xbox repairs line to ascertain where you will need to send your Xbox when you initiate such a repair. You can also contact Xbox for advice on overheating, some devices, particularly the old Xbox 360’s had a habit of breaking from overheating and required a service or replacement. There are of course ways to prevent this from happening that involve keeping them in a well ventilated area out of direct sunlight, but this is something the guys available on the Xbox phone number will be able to direct you on further.

Xbox Marketplace 0870 280 6358

Your Xbox Live subscription can be setup online, from your Xbox games console or Xbox Live can be contacted by you on 0870 280 6358. If you’d like to just buy it online go to the Xbox Live website to do so. It’s possible for you to pay for 1 month, 3 months or take a yearly subscription for £39.99. Contact Xbox  for the most recent info on forthcoming games and upgrades for your Xbox 360 & Xbox One games console. In case you are having issues connecting to your Xbox Live service then you will have to assess the Xbox Live status. It’s worth contacting your service provider and assessing your Internet Connection in case you are experiencing difficulties connecting to the net.

Xbox Live subscriptions can also be be purchased from 3rd party suppliers like Tesco, Amazon, Argos, Game and Microsoft. If you should redeem your code you may also be gifted an Xbox Live subscription. Contact Xbox Live or use this link to join – Should you be fighting to buy a product online then use the Xbox contact number to find out more.

Contact Xbox if you have to alter personal details or your account expected to going address. Additionally, if you must alter card details to you then you can do this online or directly in the settings of the Xbox Live account within your Xbox console.

Xbox Release History

Xbox is one of the most famous and well-known home video game consoles in the United Kingdom and throughout the remaining part of the world. Possessed by Microsoft, the firm’s exclusive titles include Halo, Forza Motorsport, Fable and, naturally. There have been three Xbox consoles released, the Xbox, Xbox 360 and their newest console, the confusingly named Xbox One. The Xbox One has proved to be a contentious games console, with many owners of Xbox 360s complaining about the Xbox One’s reliance on Kinect, the poorer processing system in comparison to other consoles and the lack of backwards compatibility. Xbox objective to provide good customer service, replying and correcting issues that their consumer base raise. Microsoft released several distinct variations of the Xbox through the years, starting with the original in 2001. While there are a number of different versions of the Xbox 360, all of the basic features are the same.

The latest product, the Xbox One, uses the most advanced hardware of all three models. There was of course the Xbox Elite, but this isn’t considered here:

ConsoleRelease DateGenerationXbox LiveXbox Kinect
Xbox2001SixthSupport discontinued in 2010No
Xbox 3602005SeventhFully SupportedAdd-on feature
Xbox One2012EighthFully SupportedIncluded

xbox live

The generation component of all three consoles refers to the hardware specifications within each product. The Xbox 360 offers more features than the original Xbox because, as a seventh generation console, it uses a faster processor and better graphics. Likewise, the Xbox One offers more features than the Xbox 360 – it is next generation and it is awesome, so fewer Xbox support calls.

Getting the Most From Your Xbox 0870 280 6358

Once you’ve purchased your new Microsoft Xbox apparatus, you may need guidance, tips and help about setting it up. The Xbox web site includes valuable info all about Xbox apparatus, including user guides that are comprehensive. It’s possible for you to download games straight from the Xbox market via the web to your Xbox apparatus. You should check with your internet provider in case additional fees apply. Assess for download costs in the Xbox web site or contact Xbox by telephone for this info. Give the Microsoft Xbox support number a ring for many tips on getting the most out of your Xbox.

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